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Tips on making sixth form a better place?

_Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Keep being you<3Posts: 1,369 Wise Owl
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Hi guys

Has anyone got any tips on how to make sixth form a better place if you have any ideas let me know so I can tell the head of sixth form :)


  • MikeMike Community Manager Posts: 4,099 Community Veteran
    I wonder if this depends on the sixth form, @_Tech_Addict_Girl? The best person to answer this might be you! Or do you mean that stage of education generally?
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  • fiona333fiona333 Posts: 40 Boards Initiate
    Hi @_Tech_Addict_Girl

    I feel that my sixth form didn’t advertise clubs and extra curriculars, they did occur but there wasn’t a universal place where you could found out about them.

    Hope that helps, but like Riley it is dependent on the students and the college, maybe conducting a survey or talking to some students at your sixth form may be more beneficial 😊
  • AislingDMAislingDM Moderator Posts: 985 Part of The Mix Family
    Great idea, love that you're getting so involved with coming up with tangible solutions to problems in education @_Tech_Addict_Girl !! xx

    For me, one of the simplest things a teacher did for us in sixth form was allowing us to sleep. I know that probably sounds odd to some people, like how did you learn if you slept? But it wasn't like that, she merely sat us down at the beginning of the year and said she knew how stressful A-levels and BTECs are and so if one day we are feeling overwhelmed 1) we can come to her at any point, including her lunch break! 2) we can just rest in a lesson because a student who needs to sleep in class is likely someone who needs teachers to earn their trust to feel supported. I know this won't work for a lot of sixth forms, but I think it's a simple way of valuing wellbeing in a real non-virtue signalling way. Of course teachers should then follow up about why the student is tired (is it a one-off because they're so tired or is something else going on?) Hope this helps, I couldn't have felt safer or more able to learn in this environment <3 xx
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  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Community Champion Posts: 1,270 Wise Owl
    I think one of the most important things is having a good careers advisor or team. It really makes a big difference when you know all your options out of sixth form, and I found that gave me extra motivation as I had something concrete to work towards
  • enorth1enorth1 Posts: 69 Boards Initiate
    What a great question @_Tech_Addict_Girl!

    Sixth form can be such a pressurising time with exams and huge decisions so I think investing in helping students to cope with that might be good. Maybe some posters or shared tips for self-care ideas, or a space for students to discuss how they are looking after themselves whilst studying might give everyone some ideas if they needed them x
  • _Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Keep being you<3 Posts: 1,369 Wise Owl
    Hey guys that’s for your responses :)
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