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What I'm feeling

SkylarswimsSkylarswims Posts: 18 Settling in
edited March 2022 in Health & Wellbeing
I hate everything, idk what is the point anymore, what am i really living for, cause all i can say is that there isn’t much, everything in my life has been pointless and it’s not exactly worth it. All I am living for atm is my music and maybe, just maybe my dog. and that is it. I just want to be happy once again. But nuuu, I have to be miserable, Why do I have to be depressed, if i wasn’t depressed, most of my problems would disappear.. I can’t imagine what it is like to not have SI thoughts every single day. I hate life. I hate being human. I cannot find much joy.. I hate the world. I would also very much appreciate no more thoughts about questioning my existence, Like shoo thoughts.  I totally am feeling better.. (was sarcasm).  I think I am just going to have a breakdown at this point. But, I cannot have a breakdown either because I don’t have the energy or tears for it at all.


  • Kate_20Kate_20 Posts: 653 Incredible Poster
    @Skylarswims I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling like this. It must be very hard. Depression is exhausting. Would you like to share more about the music you like or about your dog? No pressure if you don't want to. We are always here to listen.
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  • Lucy307Lucy307 Posts: 1,171 Wise Owl
    @Skylarswims I’m so sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way. I can hear how tough things are for you at the moment and how much you are hurting.
    Do you have any support in place, anyone you can or have spoken to about the way you are feeling?

    We are here for you, we care and want to support you, thank you for opening up to us 💜
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
  • BrookeeBrookee Posts: 1,327 Wise Owl
    @Skylarswims I can hear how exhausting and draining these feelings have been for you. Thank you for sharing what you have with us, I understand it's not always easy. It takes real courage to share this. Depression is really exhausting and it's understandable that things feel so heavy right now, you're doing the best you can with the circumstances you've been given and that's more than enough. We're always here for you to listen, this is a safe space for you. You mentioned that music and your dog is helping you at the moment, that's really positive and they seem like really important things for you. Do you feel comfortable telling us more about what music you enjoy?

    I also just wanted to let you know that you're incredibly brave for dealing with these feelings and reaching out to us for support, it's not easy. Is there anyone in your life that you feel comfortable or safe talking to about how you've been feeling recently? I know it's not something that's always easy to do so please don't feel pressure if not. There's always SHOUT (85258) , The Samritans 116 123, or Papyrus 0800 068 4141 who are there to listen and be there for you when things are really heavy.

    I'm sending you heaps of love right now <3
  • Laura_tigger82Laura_tigger82 Moderator Posts: 5,066 Part of The Furniture
    edited April 2022
    You have shown a lot of strength in reaching out to us, thank you for sharing this with us @Skylarswims.

    I am hearing that you are feeling depressed and that things are pointless and do not have the energy or tears for having a breakdown. It is understandable to find that difficult. Has anything in particular triggered these thoughts and feelings for you? We are here with you if you would like to share more with us.

    It sounds like some things which are helping you at the moment are your music and maybe your dog. Would you like to tell us more about the type of music you enjoy and the type of dog you have? Your music and your dog sound like really positive and important things in your life.

    If you would like some further support, please remember that Samaritans and Papyrus are here for you. Their contact details are as follows:
    • Samaritans (24/7): Call 116 123. Email [email protected].
    • Papyrus (2pm-midnight): Call 0800 068 41 41. Email [email protected].

      Hopefully, these will be helpful for providing you with some more 1-1 support. If you ever feel in a crisis, please also remember that The Mix's crisis service is open for you. To access The Mix's crisis service you can text THEMIX to 85258 and this is also a 24/7 service.

      Keep us updated with how you are feeling, we are all here for you :)
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