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My parents said that I should die

Kate_20Kate_20 Posts: 653 Incredible Poster
My parents said that I should die if I cannot cope with this world. They said that this world is cruel and my life is already very good and I just have to be positive. They said that they don't know why I indulge myself. They said that nobody should accommodate to my needs. They said that they will kick me out so that I can learn to support myself.
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  • BrookeeBrookee Posts: 1,327 Wise Owl
    Hey @Kate_20
    It sounds really distressing to have your own parents make comments about how you're managing each day when you're dealing with so much. You deserve to be supported and understood through this, Kate. You're dealing with so much, and you've been so brave to push through all of these painful and overwhelming emotions. I'm wondering if there's anyone else in your life that you feel safe and trust, that you can maybe stay with for now to help keep you safe, as it seems like home is quite toxic for you at the moment?
  • AislingDMAislingDM Moderator Posts: 1,666 Extreme Poster
    I can't even begin to imagine how devastating it was to hear that, to hear it from anyone is terrible, let alone from your parents. Pain is pain no matter what form it comes in, so the fact that life is unbearable is never invalid, regardless of how 'good' others think our lives are. :( I know that you've mentioned already feeling guilt at your own emotions and how you are trying so hard to cope, so having that reinforced in this way must be so awful and leave you feeling more hopeless. This is entirely undeserved. I reckon we should always try to support people through their mental anguish, no matter what it might look like or how they are trying to navigate it. We, here, know that you work so very hard to keep going each day and we are so very proud of you no matter what <3

    I also echo Brookee's question, are you feeling safe at home right now? Thank you so much for always keeping us in the loop, I am eternally grateful for this xxxxx
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