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I Feel Like There Is No Where In The Universe I Belong At All

MitchallMitchall Posts: 38 Boards Initiate
TW - Charities, Transphobia, Ableism, Discrimination, Slander, Rejection, (Vent) - πŸ˜”πŸ˜₯

Hello again to all, I want to apologize if all my posts have been negative so far, being a negative person was not something I ever hoped for at all, I sincerely guarantee that, but sadly my experience has never been fair from everywhere I go and I have never been a lucky person at all in general with finding any connections at all hence why I am always grumpy about my life, this post is me talking about my experience with the "Wolf Pack Project" (Charity) in more clear detail rather than just brief, I was led on by this charity and have been discriminated against by and not treated as equal or inclusive compared to other people that access this service.
My experience from trying to access this service has felt like Tom chasing after Jerry, I got in touch with them in 2020 before Christmas to enquire about the support they offer then they booked me in for an appointment, so I attended the appointment, it was the guy who runs the charity who I seen at the appointment, he told me the appointment would last a hour, but he was not helpful at all in directing me to the place as I was struggling to find it, so because of this it caused me to arrive late at the appointment, so the appointment only lasted half a hour because of this and when I got to the appointment he was not eager at all to tell me about eligibility criteria to access the service at all, instead of providing me information about what the service offers he was only bothered about talking about lockdown restrictions, telling me this would be the only appointment they would offer me until after Christmas, then was too quick asking if he could take a picture of me holding up one of their signs, then told me before i left that he will keep me updated about the support groups they are launching and said he will let me know when they have got them set up, then told me that he would be able to continue communicating with me through their services Instagram page in the meantime to get to know more about me and my interests until lockdown was over, but he did not do this at all, since he failed to tell me at the appointment the full in depth about the service, what support they offer and about eligibility requirements, I requested if he could explain all this to me through the Instagram page, so I asked them on there then they saw my message and did not respond to me at all, they blocked me instead so I went on their website to phish for their email address then I found it then I contacted them through email, they answered me through there but they were not friendly to me at all, they accused me of harrasment and said that because I dont like smoking they think their services wont be suitable for me at all but they will agree to update me in the near year (this year) about their support groups they are offering when they re-open but they didn't at all, so I dropped them a recent email after January to chase things up to let them know that I am still interested in knowing about their support groups, but I left it as that, they didn't respond at all and they still havent responded to me up to this day, what I don't understand is why the owner at the appointment didn't tell me from the start that the service wouldn't be suitable for me after I told him I am hoping to find people to socialize with who dont smoke, I feel like they have purposefully got my hopes up for nothing, tricked me and wasted my time, yesterday I went on their Facebook page and left a comment on one of their posts to let them know that I have still been trying to get in touch with them, to request updates and information about there so called support groups that they claim to be apparently setting up, so I told them that I recently emailed them round the start of this year after January just to remind them that I am still interested in knowing about what support they can offer and told them that I would really appreciate it if they could respond to me, but during the morning sometime last week I went back on their Facebook page to check for a response, but they did not respond at all instead they blocked me again and this is why I dont believe this service is genuine at all and this is why I would not recommend anyone to trust this service, since the way I have been treated by this service is very unfair and discriminatory and no service that is genuine and professional would ever ignore a client and block them, I was wondering if anyone knows how I could file a report against this service as the way they treated me was very discriminatory, unprofessional and unfair, I think the biggest mistake was me telling him that I am autistic, trans and hetrosexual, I have no clue what the guy did with those pictures of me holding the charities logo sign when he askee if he could take a picture of me holding it he took of me at that appointment, he said he deleted them but I find that hard to believe, the audacity that he tried to use me as poster boy is beyond a joke, but from how I have been treated by this service I feel transphobia and disability prejudice from it all as it is very unprofessional to deliberately ignore clients and block them and the reason I suspected them to be fraudulent was because they kept advertising their lottery scheme on their Facebook page, but they were not interested in supporting me as equal to other clients following from what their service says what they apparently do.... (help people tackle loneliness πŸ˜•πŸ™„) but it's alright for them to single out 1 person and mistreat them compared to other clients? πŸ˜‘, I feel that I am the only person who has been treated like this and rejected from this service, I feel that no other person who has accessed this service has been discriminated against, I feel that I am probably the only person and I am still feeling distressed by this from today even though this happened in 2020 i am left traumatized by how they treated me and I still want to form a complaint I still want justice because the concept of their charity being a befriending service to help people combat loneliness is a blatant hoax since they rejected me from that support they accused me of being homophobic just because I have shared my experience about what I have always had to experience from gay and bisexual men when they approach me, I don't see how they took offence and classed me as a threat just because I told them that all these people have always tried to hit on me and that I don't appreciate any form of unplatonic attention from men and when I asked them what should I do if any guys in their social groups do it to me too, sadly this owner refused to understand that I was just being honest and genuine in everything I say and was just simply looking for friendly advice on how I should go about the issue if it were to happen at their service, but the guy refused to give me chance to explain and slammed me as a homophobe, they were slanderous against me this is part of one of the reason on why I still want to pursue with filing a complaint against them to do this day, the vibe they gave me was like they got a thrill out of seeing me lonely and friendless, they are not a charity funded by the council otherwise I would of complained about them straight to the council, if anyone has any advice on how I can report this charity? any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Thank you to anyone who is reading.


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    Laura_tigger82Laura_tigger82 Moderator Posts: 5,141 Part of The Furniture
    Hi @Mitchall

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I always appreciate how much courage it must take to reach out.

    I don't think your posts are negative at all. They show that you are having a difficult time and want to access support to improve your situation. That is such a great achievement and I am glad you feel comfortable doing so within our community.

    I have to be honest, Wolf Pack Project is not a charity that I am most familiar with. I am sorry to hear about your experience with them. They have not treated you very kindly at all. Having had a quick Google, it seems to be aimed at reducing loneliness, isolation and promoting better mental health. It is shocking that not smoking was even a factor that was considered! Let alone who you are as a person which should be valued.

    With this aim in mind, I am wondering if you have heard about the Sunshine Charity? I, unfortunately, haven't experienced their service first hand so I can't tell you what it is like. However, they are better known for being supportive and addressing loneliness. If you are interested, you can find their charity at http://sunshinecharity.org.uk/.

    In terms of reporting the Wolf Pack Project, the Government has some useful information! You can find it at https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-charity. Though what concerns me the most is, looking on the Government's Charity Register, they don't seem to be a registered charity. If you want to use the Charity Register in the future, you can access it at https://www.gov.uk/find-charity-information.

    Would you like to talk more about how you are currently feeling? We are here for you, listening to you, and caring about you :3
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