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What does the New Year mean to you?

MikeMike 🎧LandaanPosts: 3,738 Community Manager
Personally, I like to have a quiet night and reflect on the year. I tend not to set any resolutions or do anything too special, seeing NYE as just another day for the most part, but I do like to reflect.

What do you like to do? :)
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  • BrookeeBrookee Posts: 210 Trailblazer
    @Mike That sounds like a really nice way to spend New Years Eve!

    I often stay in as well, and tend not to make any resolutions. I feel like the whole resolution part of NYE is just putting a lot of pressure on yourself, when in reality, you're doing the best you can and that's pretty amazing in itself. :)
  • LorryTruckLorryTruck Definition of a mental mess and a certified lost cause :) EnglandPosts: 2,285 Boards Champion
    I kind of see New Year as a fresh start.

    I don't make any resolutions or anything, but I try to start my life again and try to be more positive.

    But to be honest, I just see New Year as an excuse to get together with people, and have fun. :)
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  • Anch0r33Anch0r33 Obnoxiously Large Anchor Somewhere in the sea 🌊Posts: 1,116 Wise Owl
    I don't really do anything for new year. Just stay up for the bells
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  • Ed_Ed_ Posts: 754 Super Moderator
    For quite a while now, we have gone away with a small group of friends to an airbnb, tends to be fairly remote places and cook a big meal and go on walks. Has always been really chilled and a good way of catching up with friends who live far apart.

    I am also big on the no resolutions bandwaggon. There is so much pressure around the 'new year, new me' mantra and so much of that is used to sell things to people. I'm all for goal setting and having time to reflect on things, but I think it is important to remove the pressure of a certain time of year. Do it when it feels right for you, not when society is telling you.
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  • zaynab_5zaynab_5 Recovering🥀 LondonPosts: 1,896 Extreme Poster
    Yeah same I am not a fan of making any resolutions.
  • zaynab_5zaynab_5 Recovering🥀 LondonPosts: 1,896 Extreme Poster
    I just want to be with my family to watch the London fireworks on TV live, and as next year is going to be an extremely important year to me, I'm going to work as hard as I can, and I WILL pass my A levels (hopefully!).
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