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_Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Keep being you<3Posts: 1,369 Wise Owl
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Hello guys so I would like to talk about disabilities and people with no disabilities. So as I might have said ages ago I have a disability called cerbal parsley which means I can’t walk but some people with my disability can’t walk talk or eat themselves but I guess I am luck because I just can’t walk I am not paralysed or anything but if I was It shouldn’t be a problem.

The whole point of this post is to say from my opinion I think people that haven’t got no disabilities are sometimes horrible to disabled people like people need to understand that we are all human at the end of the day and we need to be kind to each other. Then the world would be a better place.

For example people that can walk look at people funny in a wheelchair and I think that is not nice. ‘
Also just because your in a wheelchair people that aren’t disabled think it’s wrong to date someone that is disabled and honestly most disabled people can give the same love as anyone else can.
Non disabled people just think it’s weird to date or be friends with someone that is disabled and trust be there is nothing wrong with us.
It is ok to be different.
We still deserve to be loved🥰💖✨


  • awesomeminecraft6789awesomeminecraft6789 Broken mess ✌ BirminghamDeactivated Posts: 1,052 Wise Owl
    Hi @tech addict girl

    This is a good thread and I agree people do need to be more aware and kind to us disabled people I used to get bullied for it but I think this a great thread
  • BrookeeBrookee East Midlands Posts: 1,331 Wise Owl
    @_Tech_Addict_Girl Hello!

    This is such an important thing to bring up and it’s so great of you to bring this to the attention of others.

    People who are disabled deserve respect and love. It’s truly awful reading that people are so prejudiced against individuals with disabilities. You are so right, it’s perfectly okay to be different and these should be respected and celebrated.

    You’re really incredible for writing this post and I’m sending you a lot of love and thank you so much for making this thread to educate others, it’s truly appreciated <3
  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Community Champion Posts: 1,271 Wise Owl
    Glad that you brought this up - absolutely, people deserved to be loved and respected regardless of ability. I'd be careful to generalise - there's plenty of great people that are understanding even if they don't have the condition themselves. We have got some way to go, but we're definitely getting better at being understanding and tolerant over time :)
  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 1,058 Wise Owl
    Thank you for bringing up such an important topic and sharing your story in this thread. You're absolutely right :heart: People with disabilities can certainly give the same love as everybody else, and they deserve to be treated with exactly the same love and respect as those without a disability. As you say - we are all human and people do need to be kinder to each other. Posts like this are a great step towards a kinder world, so thank you :blush::heart:
  • AislingDMAislingDM Moderator Posts: 985 Part of The Mix Family
    So many strong and important points you make here @_Tech_Addict_Girl and thank you so much for talking about your own experiences too here <3 I couldn't agree more with the things you've said, it's almost like abled people perceive anyone with a disability as lesser or different and often in a very negative way. I cannot begin to imagine how much pain this has caused you and so I really do hope that we can make things better, not just in terms of tangible rights and things but just in terms of simple human decency <3<3 xxx
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