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i feel like no one listens

strawberry26strawberry26 scotlandPosts: 8 Confirmed not a robot
This is about my mum in particular. As much as I appreciate everything she does for me and my family, i feel like she only hears me, but never listens.
I feel like I often get very overwhelmed and anxious about little things, like going into a shop by myself etc. and I feel like I dont have much support in that aspect of my life. I also suffer with quite bad emetophobia, or a fear of sickness, which is now starting to affect the way I eat and live my life. I have tried so many times to explain my feelings to my mum but i'm only met with "well nobody likes being sick" or "everybody feels this way".
I'm not sure if I have something going on mentally that I just need to address or if it really is just hormones but I've recently had quite a bad episode where I didnt feel like getting out of bed or doing anything, I wouldnt even go on my phone and I isolated myself from my friends for a while. Because its going to be a year since I had this episode in February/March, I am worried that those feelings will come back and I will be stuck in the same place I was.
Unfortunately, I feel like I cant reach out to my friends either. I feel like I am seen as quite a happy person when I am around them so when I feel down or not like myself, they dont really know how to speak to me.
I also have quite a difficult sister, as she is quite aggressive and always seems to be in a bad mood. This understandably makes her upset, but I feel like she also doesnt pick up on when I feel like im struggling because she is always trying to deal with my sister.
I know that im not always the best person to be around as I can be quite snappy and cheeky but I truly dont mean any harm by it and I just want someone to understand that.
I really just want someone to listen to me, whether that is someone reading this simply scrolling past, or someone at school or something else. I just want to feel heard and understood.


  • tyty21tyty21 Chester, UKPosts: 8 Confirmed not a robot
    Hey @strawberry26! I'm sorry you are going through this, sounds like you are having a difficult time at the minute. I completely understand what you mean especially with talking to someone about your feelings and it being as if they have not really listened or answering "well everyone feels like that" makes you feel even more upset about how you're feeling. Have you tried speaking to a professional or anyone else to see what your options are? They may be able to offer advice on how they can help :) just remember people do care about you and feel free to @me if you ever need someone to listen! <3
  • KatKat Posts: 77 Budding Regular
    Hiya @strawberry26

    I just want you to know that I have listened <3

    I completely understand where you are coming from. I think it's natural to want to be truly listened to and I agree it can be so disheartening when you don't feel like this is happening. A lot of time people can seem dismissive when it's just the case that they don't know how to properly react to the situation. So please know it is nothing that you are doing wrong, trying to talk about things is actually such a brave and positive thing to do.

    I agree with @tyty21 that it is a good idea to speak to a professional or maybe somebody at school. Maybe a teacher you can confide in or a wellbeing person if your school has one, about your fear of sickness and your fear of isolating yourself as these are things you should not have to deal with alone. You can get help and you do deserve help.

    Remember there are always plenty of people on the mix who are here to listen to you. You are important and you are listened to. Sending hugs your way <3
  • La_LaLa_La PLANET MARSPosts: 43 Boards Initiate
    @strawberry26 Hello, I am really sorry to hear about that. I can totally relate in a way- my parent and grandparent are very similar, in which they hear what I say but don't try to emphasize with my viewpoint at all. It can be very difficult to communicate your feelings to ones who respond that way.

    Honestly, I vent most of my feelings into a journal XD Except that approach can be lonely so I definitely understand what you mean when you say you'd like to be listened to.

    I just want to say that your feelings are valid. It's okay to have negative feelings and have anxiety, and like the other comments here, I too would recommend talking to a professional. That way, you can carve a space for yourself where you can freely express yourself in the way you would like. The NHS has good links to various services, as well as Mind UK.
    I wish you all the best, and hope my advice is of use. Have a good day.
    ~ Dreamer ~
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