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So lost I don't know what I am aiming towards

Kate_20Kate_20 Posts: 474 Listening Ear
Just had a chat with a friend this afternoon and shared topics about student life and MH. She told me she felt like the uni did not care and only wanted money even before the pandemic. The pandemic just revealed that. I do feel like we students are not important to the uni. As long as they have money for good research, we are not important at all. There is no networking and nobody really cares about who you are as a person. I am graduating but feeling like I have never been to uni. I am so lost I don't know what I am aiming towards because nothing is important.
Tengo el alma en cuarentena y roto el cuerpo
Qué dolor, qué pena y qué tormento
El Kanka - Lo mal que estoy y lo poco que me quejo


  • Laura_tigger82Laura_tigger82 Posts: 2,398 Boards Champion
    Hi @Kate_20,

    So sorry to hear you are struggling. Do you remember what your motivations were when you signed up for the course? Are they similar or have you enjoyed particular aspects of the course content? Have you seen the Prospects section about what you can do with your degree? If you are interested in exploring this further, you can view it at https://www.prospects.ac.uk/careers-advice/what-can-i-do-with-my-degree. Additionally, I am always happy to listen to you and talk things through with you to help you to reflect on where you would like to be. Hugs, you will get there. You always seem determined :)
  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 1,191 Wise Owl
    Hey Kate :)

    Sorry to hear how you feel, I know that a lot of other students felt the same way given the events of the past couple of years, and even longer on some issues like fees. It's hard to accept the uni experience when it was damaged by Covid lockdowns so badly. As for what to aim for, I think that's something that you and many others will be figuring out as you go. For now, I'd start by looking at getting a job to pay the bills, and using the other time you have to try things out. Maybe a friend is working in a role that sounds interesting, or maybe you've come across a webinar talking about an interesting career path? Or maybe you want to take a bit of a break after a really testing academic period. Take your time and explore your options. Always happy to chat if you want to talk about career paths over PM if you'd like x
  • maryam852maryam852 Posts: 177 Helping Hand
    I agree with @Azziman and just remember that everyone is unique and goes to university for different reasons to follow different paths and that is ok. I am sorry you are feeling this way, @Kate_20 and I you feel better. Take care.
  • Kate_20Kate_20 Posts: 474 Listening Ear
    @Azziman @maryam852 I always knew where I was aiming towards before I got unwell. Now everything is hard so my perception might have changed in so many aspects. Right now anything practical is good for me as I would feel unsafe in my own room. It is important to get outside and get involved with people. I am just confused with my identity as a student as I suddenly feel like losing the identity as a student during the time of the pandemic. I can never be a student again in my life.
    Tengo el alma en cuarentena y roto el cuerpo
    Qué dolor, qué pena y qué tormento
    El Kanka - Lo mal que estoy y lo poco que me quejo
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