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I think I found the one for me💗

Hi guys so as you know I’ve had difficulty with long distance relationship but honestly I think I just found the one for me we talk on call/FaceTime everyday but the thing is I need your guys help with what we can do on FaceTime and what things we can do. I felt that I was ready to tell my mom about my long distance relationship because I just feel a spark with this person and I think he does too but I don’t know if his told his mom yet.
The only thing I’m really worried about is my thinking like when I get these thoughts in my head I feel like I will ruin everything. Me and him have been honest with each other and I have told him how I feel and he says I understand you was just a bit upset because I was last night. I think I kept him awake last night because I was worrying too much😣.
He said don’t worry it will eventually go away and he said I can’t really get the thought out of your head I can’t really say much it will just go away. Just my mind messes things up but when he says I’ve done nothing wrong it still is stuck in my head. I do believe this boy but I can’t get the thought out of my head. Also we literally know alot about each other so we don’t know what to talk about now or do any ideas. He just said I like talking to you but it’s boring sitting there doing nothing but apparently he won’t break up with me and he told me not to worry🥺❤️.
Any ideas what we can do would be much appreciated🤍


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    meilameila Posts: 83 Budding Regular
    Hi @_Tech_Addict_Girl ! Aw Im so happy for you! :3 Sounds like an exciting new journey! :3
    Having been in a long-distance relationship myself, I understand how doing things on FaceTime can be so important!
    Aside from things like watching movies together on Netflix party, we used to play Battleships online together! 😁 I don't know if you've heard of it?
    It's such a fun little game, and gave us so many laughs! Other games online were great too, and we'd play on our switches together!
    Hope this helps :3<3
    Meila :3<3
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    kimberley1907kimberley1907 Posts: 84 Budding Regular
    Adding onto what @meila has said, I wanted to suggest online quizzes.

    Me and my friend used to do buzzfeed quizzes and we could do them as a party together online.

    Also tier maker is one of my favourite websites to use with my friends for entertainment. You can make your own, or use other people's templates to organise things and you can discuss it afterwards or do it together. There's loads on the site, so there's something for everyones interest!

    Also there's iMessage games (not sure if you both have apple devices but that's also worth a look at too).

    Hope this is helpful!
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    _Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Posts: 1,489 Wise Owl
    @meila @kimberley1907 thankyou so much guys I will let you guys know how it goes💗💗
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    AislingDMAislingDM Moderator Posts: 1,666 Extreme Poster
    I am happy that you're finding some joy @_Tech_Addict_Girl !! I know it can be extremely difficult to think of plans and activities of happiness. I love all the ideas and particularly @kimberley1907 your point about quizzes!!! I often find there is nothing more fun than doing silly buzzfeed quizzes on FaceTime and discussing our answers =)
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