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Pride Month 2021 <3

rainskyerainskye ➳ lds, uk Posts: 127 The Mix Convert
Happy pride month! You are always valid, always loved and always important. no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation. Let's all learn to love everyone as they are.



  • AbbyOwlAbbyOwl North of Watford GapPosts: 105 The Mix Convert
    Well said @rainskye! :+1::) Happy Pride month everyone! <3

  • AislingDMAislingDM Posts: 231 Trailblazer
    Love it everyone!! SO true I hope we can all find some peace this month, and are able to support one another <3 (p.s. remember pride month can be anything you want it to be, you do not have to go to any events or enjoy corporations displaying rainbow flags if you do not want, you are no less valid for this) :)
  • ForestWitchForestWitch Posts: 29 Boards Initiate
    You are valid despite what you may hear otherwise. Also remember there is no pressure to come out and declare anything about yourself until you are safe AND ready!

    I hope everyone has an an amazing month!
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