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Ask our experts anything related to self harm recovery! We are joined by a skin camouflage expert who can give you ideas of how to use make up to cover your scars and also an expert with lived experience of how to learn to love your scars. add your questions to this thread or send them to us anonymously here

Support Circle February 23rd

ConnorConnor Posts: 363 Community Manager
Hey there everyone!

The next Support Circle is on Tuesday 23rd February, from 7:55pm to 9:30pm.

What is Support Circle?
Support Circle follows the same basic structure as a Support Chat - opening round, support time, and closing round. The unique thing about Support Circle is that everyone gets their own time to chat and be heard by the group, and have their chance to listen and support others. It's sign-up based so the group is relatively small, and you can sign-up to get support or to support others.

It's a great space for people who find it difficult to get their voices heard in regular support chat and/or are keen to listen and support others in a more structured environment. We have places for people who want to come and get support or attend as listeners

Feel free to sign up! You can sign-up using this form.


  • Ed_Ed_ Posts: 572 Community Manager
    We have had some reports of issues with the sign up form, so do drop us a PM if you want a place and haven't been able to use the form :3
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  • ConnorConnor Posts: 363 Community Manager
    Two spaces left!
  • GreenTeaGreenTea ☕🌻☕ MidlandsPosts: 10,500 An Original Mixlorian
    Is this happening? Had a PM confirming my space on the weekend but not had the password yet? Normally had it by now?
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  • ConnorConnor Posts: 363 Community Manager
    Apologies GreenTea!

    Passwords should be over right now, I left it a bit late. This is my bad :)
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