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I enjoy my parents saddness

FluffyPandas99FluffyPandas99 Posts: 10 Settling in
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Okay so ya the title is pretty bad, and ill admit it is pretty bad, I have been pretty depressed recently, and i think a lot of that is due to my parents.(btw im a 15yr male)  But despite that i still love them and want them to be happy, and when there sad it makes me sad, but some where deep inside me relishes there anger and pain, and i hate it, Its like some evil sort of revenge that gets joy from causing them pain. It causes me to be disobedient and stuff, even in the smallest ways, like they care so dam much that dirty dishes go on the right side of the sink and clean ones on the left, and for some reason i want to put dirty ones on the left, just to see them get mad. I dont know why or what the hell is wrong with me, and umm i dont really know the point of this post but here it is, thx for any advice

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    AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,931 Extreme Poster
    Hey :) this doesn't sound like you enjoy them being sad. Rather, it sounds more like you provoke them on things that you know will annoy them, and that you know will get a reaction. Perhaps ask yourself how you feel when this happens - thrill, excitement etc? That might help you to figure out what's going on.
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    Tee ATee A Posts: 123 The Mix Convert
    Hey @FluffyPandas99 !

    You can always rant on The Mix to get things off your chest!
    There isn't anything wrong with you. There is a word for what you're feeling. It's called Schadenfreude. It's the experience of pleasure from witnessing the misfortunes of others. I experience this sometimes. I think most people do, but don't admit it. 

    I wouldn't say your acts are not evil (dirty dishes on the left side) but it might be a good idea to channel these feelings into a kind act instead. So maybe next time you felt like this, you could make your parents a cup of tea, or just anything little like that :smiley: .

    Hopefully you could change everyone's mood and on top of that, you might feel good too!

    Hope this helps!
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    FluffyPandas99FluffyPandas99 Posts: 10 Settling in
    For some reason it won't let me Edit this so here are a few quick things.
    One thank you for the advice and such, i thought i would clarify, this isn't like thing i like to do with everyone, my parents have been verbally and mentally abusing me and my brother for years, and to me at least it seems like i do it for revenge, in the moment but then regret it after. thanks again to everyone have a nice day.

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