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Anti-Bullying Week: Bullying in Different Environments

EleanorEleanor Living the Zen life 🧘🏼‍♀️Posts: 1,563 Extreme Poster
Today is the final day of our Anti-Bullying Week posts so I wanted to finish us on some thoughts around bullying in different environments!

In the media, bullying is mainly shown to be in school - however, this really isn't the case. Anyone of any age can be bullied by another person or people. It may not 'feel' like bullying because bullying is just what kids do in school isn't it? No. 

Bullying, unfortunately, can happen in places such as work, online, at home or even in your neighbourhood. I myself felt bullied by a member of the management team at my previous job because he would mock me and my panic attacks. I spoke up about this to Human Resources and this person received a disciplinary and went on to leave the company. Bullying is not okay. 

If you feel like you're being bullied but you have doubts on whether it is bullying or not, it probably is. It can be easy to dismiss the bullying because its not in the typical environment you would expect it to be (e.g. school), but it's important to remember that bullying can happen anywhere and there is support available. 

For more support:

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  • Tee ATee A Posts: 108 The Mix Convert
    Hey @Eleanor !

    This is a very insightful post! 

    I am glad you were confident enough to report this person to HR. I am also glad you brought this up. HR is very important, not only because they deal with any sort of situation but because they allow staff to report things anonymously if they would like to. This is very good because bullies can make victims feel so scared that they suffer in silence!  
  • EleanorEleanor Living the Zen life 🧘🏼‍♀️ Posts: 1,563 Extreme Poster
    Ah yes I agree @Tee A HR is amazing for keeping yourself anonymous! If anyone has any problems with the management team bullying them or anything else, HR are great people to reach out too! 
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  • MaisyMaisy The Mix convert CymruPosts: 316 Moderator
    This is important to know. I used to think bullying only happened in school, but now I know that's not the case. I do worry about workplace bullying but it's good to know that it should be taken seriously <3 
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