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Emoji246Emoji246 Posts: 457 Listening Ear
Hi guys so recently I've had a crush on this boy and when I asked him out he rejected me I asked him on message but then when I went to school I talked to him face to face about it and he basically said I can't because of my religion but if it wasn't for my religion I would be with you. I know I'm in the same religion as him but I'm also mixed I'm Christian and Muslim so I get what he's saying but the thing is he was with people in year 7 so he didn't follow the rules then and now he's trying to say he's following the rules now. Somebody just please tell me how to get over him and distance myself from him even tho I am in the same class also I have him on social media but I don't want to block him but I want him to notice I'm distancing myself from him without saying it to him.
I do keep saying to one of my friends I will not talk to him again because he actually called me things and said mean things but then I keep messaging him so it doesn't work I end up messaging him.

I would really appreciate it if you gave me some advice x  


  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 856 Part of The Mix Family
    Hey :) It's not going to sound pleasant, but the way you deal with this is simply accept it. From his response, it's clear that religion is a sticking point here, so that's not really going to change.

    You mention that he used to follow the rules but not any more - couple of points on this. Firstly, people can change their views over time. People can feel a stronger or weaker affiliation with their religion or any other view for that matter over time. Secondly, whether he's telling the truth or lying, it's not a good outcome - either he's telling the truth, in which case religion is the barrier; or he's not, in which case he's using religion as a barrier, which is a big red flag. Either way, probably best to steer clear x

    It'll take time to process what's happened, but you'll need to find a way to live with him in your life. Spend your energy and time with your friends and family, people who want to be with you and make you happy - don't let this guy rule your thoughts and feelings. It's a part of school life, and I'm sure that you'll find a way through this with the help of friends by your side :)

    Much love <3
  • Tee ATee A Posts: 111 The Mix Convert
    Hey @Emoji246

    I also agree with @Azziman

    I just also wanted to point out that another way you could distance yourself from him on social media. I noticed that you didn't want to block him, have you tried 'muting' him? When you mute someone, you won't see any of their posts/stories but you will still be friends/followers. Hopefully this might help to stop you from messaging him :) 

    Stay safe!
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