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Undecided on a masters


I'm in two minds. My undergraduate degree is in Biomolecular Science and I've found myself unable to choose whether I want to become a clinical scientist or a paramedic. My 2nd year was affected by bereavement so it bought down my grade so its looking like I'll need to take the longer and more expensive route if I choose clinical science. I need to think about it very carefully and realistically whether its something I can manage. 

If I choose the science route, I need go via the STP (an NHS course) which is spans 3 years.Because I only just missed out on top grades I will need a masters to be considered. 

If I chose paramedic science conversation course , its a 2 year course to gain a masters.

Either way I'm working and gaining experience for 2 years. 


  • JordanJordan Posts: 223 Super Moderator
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    Heya @Salix_alba_2019!

    I'll start my post with a little disclaimer that I know very little about science masters courses so take everything I say with a pinch of salt.

    I'm sorry to hear you experienced a bereavement in your 2nd year. I imagine you'll have looked at things like this before, but would your university retroactively take the bereavement into consideration and alter or remove those grades that bring down your average?

    You mention that you are working and gaining experience for two years. Does this mean the two courses you mentioned(STP and paramedic science) offer working opportunities during them?

    When you say you need to consider whether its realistic and something you can manage, what do you mean? Do you mean manage it from an academic perspective or a personal perspective?

    To help you decide, it might be useful to take a look at the long term progression between a clinical scientist and a paramedic. If you do either one, what would your job look like 5 or 10 years down the line? Is there one that appeals to you more? 
  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 826 Part of The Mix Family
    Question is, which one do you want to do? Considering you're career will probably be over 40 years, 1 extra year of study is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Don't let an extra year stop you from doing something you'd prefer doing x
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