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Check your racial bias

SkiveSkive No discipline. No morality. No respect.New ForestPosts: 15,194 Skive's The Limit
This interesting and worth doing. Takes about 5 minutes to do.

And just to be absolutely clear, any result that may show you have a bias is nothing to be worried about. Every single one of us has bias to a certain degree. The point of the exercise is to recognise that you may have bias, and then exploring why that is.

I've been checking and exploring it for years. It takes effort, but it is rewarding. Not just racial bias but also gender and confirmation biases, mainly. 

It will be interesting if everyone posts their results here.

I'll go first. I did the black vs. white test. Result is was slightly biased in favour of European Americans. This is probably a result of growing up in the English countryside and having limited contact with Black or Asian minorities.


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LainePast User


  • LaineLaine Fruit loop Gone for gooPosts: 2,767 Account Deactivated
    This was quite interesting I did the black vs white one too and got a slight automatic preference for Black people over White people! 

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  • Past UserPast User Posts: 1,998 Extreme Poster
    I did black - white the test and my results was That I had a slight automatic preference to African American people. 

    I’m white and so is my dads side of the family but my adoptive mam is black. This will probably be why. 
  • StarlightStarlight 💃danceaholic🩰 Posts: 1,432 Wise Owl
    I did black-white too, and got no automatic preference between black people and white people. I guess since I've only lived in areas where the majority are white, but my two absolutely best friends arent white maybe. I'm quite surprised by my result though but also happy.
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  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 13,041 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Also got no automatic preference between black or white people
  • MikeMike 🖥️🎧 LandaanPosts: 3,547 Community Manager
    Great thread. Love this test. Did it a few years ago but totally forgot the result.

    Did it again just now and got a moderate automatic preference for White people over Black people. Similarly to @Skive, I'm tempted to put that down to a very sheltered upbringing in Cornwall. As well as it being incredibly rare to even see anyone who isn't White, it's also statistically the most racist county in the country I believe. That's an old statistic but wouldn't surprise me if it's still the case.
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  • Millie2787Millie2787 🐶 💜 Posts: 4,116 Community Veteran
    edited June 2020
    Has anyone watched the school that tried to end racism on channel 4 ? 

    They talk about already having an unconscious  racial bias towards white people  and showed that inna class of mix raced only 4 people out of the whole class had no/neutral bias and at the end of the second episode they take the test again so I’m intrigued to see what the results turn out like to see how the course have changed it . It’s quite an interesting watch 
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