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Drinking and losing control

BojackBojack Posts: 1 Literally just got here
I'll dive right into it.I am having problems when I am drinking especially when outside my house like in a pub.I am becoming abusive like using abusive languages towards people I don't even know like towards a friend of friend.I was on prescribed anti-depressants for about 6-8 months in 2018.I have developed a mechanism to suppress all my emotions love anger everything. I thought was getting better, stopped my medications but recently I have been venting out my frustrations of my life when I am drunk.I keep doing shitty things and feel embarrassed.My anxiety attacks are back.I have pushed a lot of people away this past year.I am afraid to even mix with people now.I don't know what to do.I feel so tired.People become angry at me and that's understandable. I know a lot of people but I don't know if I can call them friends.I feel stupid to post my problems here but I don't know I have to talk to someone.


  • RileyRiley Posts: 759 Super Moderator
    Hey there @Bojack and welcome to the boards. It sounds like you're going through a lot at the moment so it's really brave of you to try and get some support here on the boards. It seems like you recognise that drinking alcohol is having a big impact on your life and I wonder if you've considered trying to quit drinking alltogether? It can be a really difficult thing to do especially in our current culture but there are a lot of resources out there that can help make quitting an easier thing to do. Let me know if you'd like some more information about this and I can link you to some resources that might help. :)

    I'd also like to ask if you consulted with your doctor before stopping your medication, or have you considered going back and speaking to them again? It might be that you need to start taking anti-depressants again, or your doctor might have other ideas of where to go from here. I hope this helps.
  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 975 You're a wizard, Harry
    Hey, welcome to the forum!x

    What you're going through is pretty similar to some other people I know who drink a lot. Without a proper outlet for your emotions, you use alcohol as a coping mechanism. In turn, alcohol loosens your inhibitions, and make us say things we don't mean, and perhaps this is where your frustration is let out on others. Then, once you've sobered up and realised/been told what you've done, it feels embarrassing, and of course these actions can distance people as they don't want to be around that.

    I'd see a doctor about your emotions, as that seems to be the primary problem. I'd also look at programs that help you to reduce your alcohol intake (e.g. every other day instead of every day), and gradually toning it down to the point you're not emotionally dependent. All is not lost, plenty of people have recovered from the position you're in, and the fact that you're aware of your situation means that you definitely can to!

    Much love <3
  • natdsnatds Posts: 10 Settling in
    Hey @Bojack ! I can definitely relate to your post and I am so sorry you're going through this. When I went through a bad period of having panic attacks I remember going out and drinking alcohol turned me into a completely different person. I think the best decision is to put alcohol aside for the time being- if you're going out and want to socialise there's always non-alcoholic options and people do not need to know the reason as to why you don't want to drink, it is none of their business.

    As mentioned before I think it's important to recognise the root of the issue and to see someone you trust or a doctor about what you think might be a problem. I appreciate it may be difficult but just remember to take things one step at a time! Sending love! <3
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