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My parents don’t care about me

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imageMy parents don’t care about me

Neglect doesn’t just happen to little kids. If you feel like your parents don’t care about you, it’s possible you’re being neglected. The Mix explores.

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  • EmilyBrEmilyBr Posts: 1 Noob
    I've already noticed this a while ago... Everytime I try to tell something about my day and my life in general my mom just ignores me. Literally, she can be sitting right in front of me and she would be tapping something on her phone while I'm struggling to talk about something that I really care about.. This happened not just once, it happens EVERYTIME. Okay, I get it, parents are usually tired after work, but maybe giving your son/daughter at least 5 minutes of your time won't hurt.. So, I started keeping things to myself which is hard because I always feel like I have soooo much to tell, but I can't because they won't listen.. Maybe this situation sounds stupid, I don't know, it's just... it's been so long since I heard "I'm proud of you, I love you" and it hurts, it really does..
  • MaisyMaisy CymruPosts: 230 Moderator

    Hey @EmilyBr


    I’m sorry to hear that your mom ignores you. It must be really difficult when you want to talk to your mom, more so if you want to talk about something difficult, only to find that she isn’t listening and seems to be paying more attention to her phone, than to you. It’s bound to take its toll on you and make you feel less like opening up to your mom, and more closed off instead.


    Your situation isn’t stupid and you are right- while parents will be tired after work or a busy day, they should try to make an effort to listen to you, even if just for a short amount of time. It makes sense that you would feel neglected, hurt and miss being told that you are loved. I’m wondering if you’ve told anyone how you feel about your mom not being there for you?


    I’m proud of you for reaching out to us though as it’s not always easy to talk about things, especially if we worry that it’s stupid. Feel free to check out our discussion boards if you are looking for a safe place to get support from other young people <3 

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