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How do I stop them spreading lies about me online?

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imageHow do I stop them spreading lies about me online?

My 'friends' have set up a fake Facebook page to bully me, how do I get them to stop?

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  • JessicaMcKJessicaMcK Posts: 1 Literally just got here
    Hey sounds like what's probably happening to me too except police, doctors and the general public believe the falsehoods about me, not the horrible, far worse truth that is happening underneath the lies.
    I am not in school, and the institutions that are supposed to be protecting me are failing due to institutions deciding thst I am psychotic instead of me being abused.
    These institutions have included both the police and the medical and psychiatric institutes.

    You should contact the sites who are harboring these pages and get them taken down.

    I would contact your government because right now, there are little to no legal actions that can be taken, except perhaps defamation in your case. I would contact local authorities. They need to have oversight to take down extremely harmful things like fake sites about who you are. Imagine if someone took the fake page of you to be the real you, and anything real you say to be the fraud?
    Potential employers, schools, etc. often do Facebook or Google searches. One of them could mistake this fake page as you, ruining your next chances in life. This now becomes a case of fraud and identity theft, very serious and real crimes whose scope is far beyond mere bullying.

    A cop showing up at your bully's door is going to be memorable and hopefully, a lesson. Just like if these peers were to steal from a store, bullying actions as an adult are criminal actions.

    Be glad you have access to the fake pages being put up about you and know the rumors.

  • MaisyMaisy The Mix convert CymruPosts: 357 Moderator

    Hi @JessicaMcK


    Thanks for commenting and sharing your experiences. I’m sorry to hear that you have been bullied a lot- no-one deserves that and it’s bound to take it’s toll on your mental health.


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    See you around! :) 

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