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Hi, my name is ButtonBlue!

ButtonBlueButtonBlue Posts: 1 Just got here
This is a bit nerve wracking, and I don't like introducing myself sometimes, so forgive me if it's a bit everywhere haha

I usually go by another name online, but I'd like to go by Button here for the sake of anonymity. I'm 16, genderqueer (they/them pronouns, please!), and come from South Wales. I was diagnosed with autism at 11, and I get incredibly passionate about my special interests sometimes.

I don't really know what else to say, haha. I experience anxiety and depression and have come here for support. This is the first time joining a forum-like site. I've tried contacting childline and samaritans for support in the past but have found it hasn't been helpful. Maybe just talking to people like myself in a calm environment like this can help more. Idk, we'll see, I suppose!

I'm an artist, and sometimes dabble in animation. I'd like to think I'm good at it, but it's difficult being prideful about your work while being humble at the same time. Either way I'm a bit of a creative soul and oftentimes get upset if I don't, like, flex my creative juices regularly, haha. Writing is difficult because I think in images and rough ideas more than words - grammar and spelling is the only thing I enjoy about writing. If it were up to me, I'd ditch writing entirely and just send pictures in response to people instead gjdhdfgfd.

Send me wholesome dog memes if you want to be my friend. Jk. Not really though. Please send dog pics. Ty.


  • Salix_alba_2019Salix_alba_2019 Deactivated Posts: 1,646 Extreme Poster
    Hey heyyyy!

    Welcome to The Mix ButtonBlue 😁
  • SienaSiena Posts: 15,289 Skive's The Limit
    “And when they look at you, they won't see everything you've been through. They won't see the **** that turned to scars that began to fade with time. They won't see the heartbreaking things that shook up and changed your entire world. They won't know how many tears you cried or even what it was you were crying about. They won't see how strong you had to be because you had no other choice. What they will see though is how compassionate you are because you experienced pain. What they will see is how kind you are because you experienced how cruel the world is. What they will see is how good you are because you've seen how bad things or people can be. The difference between you and your experiences are who you choose to be, despite everything that could have turned you cold and unkind.You are the good the world needs and the best of us.” ~ Kirsten Corley
  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster
    Hey Button, welcome, it's great to have you here!

    I hope we can help and support you :heart:
  • AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,707 Extreme Poster
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