I was made for more than chasing thinness

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imageI was made for more than chasing thinness

How you look is the least important thing; bodyposipanda shares her #SummerUnfiltered story

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  • RoseUpshurRoseUpshur Posts: 2 Noob
    Appearance is very deceptive and there is very little time to love yourself the way we are. We will always see flaws in ourselves, but do not forget that not everyone should be the same. It is necessary to find that which distinguishes us from all others and to accept ourselves. The head is not what others think of us, but what we ourselves think of ourselves.
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    Hey @RoseUpshur


    I agree- we are all different and different is good. Even though we all have flaws, it’s good to accept ourselves for the way that we are. My favourite quote from this article is “All bodies are worthy of respect. All shapes, all sizes, all skin colours, all genders, all ages and all abilities. Body confidence is how your feel about your own body.”


    Thanks for commenting!

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