I avoid seeing friends when they invite everyone out for drinks. Awkard reason

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so bassically some of my friends invite me out evenings m. I’m ussually free but I’m afraid to go out because I don’t drink. 

So I’ve never drunk anything. However my friend of friend asked my friend and me if we wanted to go to pub to get a drink. So I joined with my friend however felt awkard becuse j was the only one that didn’t drink. My friend had to go and as I didn’t have a time limit the friend of my friend asked if I wanted to stay. I was too embarrassed to say because I feel pubs are basically drinking areas and feel like you should only be there if your drinking. The reason I don’t drink is because being type 1 diabetic is I’m scared it would make me go into a bad hypo )since it lowers your blood sugar) which is dangeorus for others and also because I cycle. So I left at the same time lying saying i forgot my bike lights and needed to go home.  Since then I’ve been turning down these invitations which feels like I’m missing out on a opportunity 
I really want to join in but am afraid that I’ll either get pushed into drinking or bullied because I don’t drink and feel embarrassed.


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    Having Type 1 diabetes shouldn't preclude you from having a drink if that's what you wanted. And even if you don't want to drink then you should feel comfortable at a bar in or in a pub. Pubs are as much a place to socialise as they are a place to drink.

    Some more info on alcohol vs diabetes

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    I understand you feel embarrassed about not drinking in a pub/bar, but there's nothing weird about staying sober if that is your preference. It sounds like you really want to go out and spend time with these people, but you are being stopped by your worries around drinking

     The information provided by @Skive is worth checking out if having a drink or two is something you want to do, as it might help solve some of your worries about diabetes. If you don't want to drink at all there should be no pressure put on you to drink.

    I can understand feeling awkward not drinking when those around you are. However, pubs aren't just drinking areas they are places for socialising; which you can do sober or not. It sounds like you are getting invited along often because your friends want to spend time with you. Have they ever done anything that might make you think they'd judge you for not drinking?

    You mention that you might be pressured into drinking, I can understand why you'd be worried about something like that, especially if you don't know the people you are hanging out with that well. It's important we recognise our limits, whether that be three drinks, one drink, or none, and it's important that other people respect our limits. If the people with you ask why you aren't drinking(or offer to get you a drink) something you could try doing is just being honest, take a couple of seconds to explain briefly why you don't drink.

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    I think if you said this to your frienda, if they were good enough friends they would understand. Dont be pressured into something you dont want to do x
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    You don't have to drink to go to a pub or bar :)

    If you don't want to drink but want to hang out you can get coke,  orange juice. Water, virgin cocktails etc. 

    I only have the one weak rum and coke and that's it as I don't drink out,  they make them too strong for me and I rarely drink,  prefer the occasional NKD at home haha

    So I stick with cola mostly. 

    If you want to have a drink or two you can,  if you don't then you can still join in,  your friends should understand :) 

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