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Hi, my name is Jacksarah1!

Jacksarah1Jacksarah1 Posts: 1 Literally just got here
At my wits end been in hospital before due to mental health feeling I'm heading that way again.am so scared 


  • StephanieStephanie Posts: 687 Super Moderator
    edited June 2019
    Hey JackSarah1

    Welcome to The Mix,

    We've moved your thread to the health and well-being section here on TheMix.

    It sounds like you're struggling at the minute, do you want to talk some more about what is going on for you? You're very welcome to start a new thread if you would like to talk about anything, or you could also use this thread. 

    The community members here are super friendly, and we are here for you :heart:
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  • BubblesGoesBooBubblesGoesBoo Sunny ScotlandPosts: 3,521 Community Veteran
    Hey JackSarah1! 
    First of all welcome to the mix :) 

    I understand how scary it can be when you feel a relapse coming on, has anything triggered this do you know? We're here to listen if you want to talk about anything or just vent :) Hope things start looking up for you soon! <3
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  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 9,278 Supreme Poster
    Sounds like things are getting challenging for you again:(. Can hear youre scared. It is really great you can become self aware of it. have you found any coping skills you could use? 
    if you have the strength to sustain anorexia you have the strength to overcome it
  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 754 Incredible Poster
  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,936 Taking your piece of the pi
    Welcome to the community @Jacksarah1, I'm really glad to have you here :)

    I'm so sorry to hear this, it sounds like things are incredibly tough right now. We're here to listen and support you <3
  • Butterfly23Butterfly23 Miniposter England Posts: 817 Trailblazer
    Welcome to the mix! 

    Things sound really tough tough for you right now, so I’m sending lots of support and love your way 💗

    I can understand that you might feel scared, is there anything that you can maybe do to prevent yourself from having to go to hospital? 


    Butterfly x
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