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Low mood

LisamxLisamx Posts: 4 Newbie
Hi All,
There's been many hurdles I've had to face growing up just like everyone, I've never found it easy to deal with my own stress. The last 2 months things have been difficult and I'm finding it very hard at the moment as not only have I had to work and juggle my own life ( I work in health care supporting people who are I'll and disabled) but I have also had to come home and care and support both my mum and dad who both have health issues. I'm in my early 20s and feel that they rely on me for a lot of things, and I'm always supporting everyone but feel nobody really supports me.
When I feel low or really down I tend to shut myself away and shut off and want to be on my own as I feel nobody really understands me, Sometimes I wake up and just cry and there isn't always a reason for it. 
I'm a confident and happy person, but when I feel low I tend to doubt myself a lot. 
And dont know how to snap out of it, if I have a bad morning my mood tends to stick for the whole day leaving me feeling drained and tired
Could I be dealing with depression? Or some kind of mood disorder? Or can anyone relate or
Does anyone have any advice or coping mechanisms?




  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster

    I'm sorry to hear this:(

    It shows kindness that you're supporting all those people, so I just felt like thanking you for that. Though it sounds like this could be pretty hard for you.

    From what you're describing, it sounds like you could have depression or something. But of course I'm not a doctor. Do you want to see one at all? And do you think this may be caused by feeling drained from supporting everyone, or is a separate issue?

    Some general things I sometimes find a lil helpful are: music, writing about how I'm feeling, exercise/being outdoors... Some tips others suggest are mindfulness, meditation, a healthy diet...

    You deserve support too, and the boards are always hear if you need to chat. Take care bud (and sorry this response is kind of useless lol) <3
  • ItaliaItalia Posts: 177 Helping Hand
    edited March 2019
    Hi @Lisamx

    Welcome to the community!  It's good to have you here, and this is a great place to talk about all the things you have going on at the moment.  

    It sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment with many different things which could be adding to you feeling stressed and quite low.   Caring for people is a lot of work, both professionally and personally, but as @kathleen0172 said above it shows a huge amount of kindness and compassion that you are taking on these roles.   

    You said your feeling worried that you might have depression?  Everyone has ups and downs, but knowing when it becomes depression can be a really tricky thing to navigate.    Here is an article which might help explain things a little further.    If you are really worried about your mood then going along to your GP to talk things over is a good first step.

    You also mentioned that you feel like no one understands what's going on for you right now.    Being in a caring role can be super isolating, its understandable your feeling really low at the moment.  From what you have said it seems like your experiencing a lot of the same feelings other young adult carers feel.  The good news is there is a bit of support out there for people in their early 20's who have a caring role.  If you want to read a bit more about it, check out this article

    There is some specific services that offer support to young carers if you feel like that's the right call for you, we can put you onto one in your area if you get in touch with our helpline: 

    • You can call or webchat (livechat) on our Helpline, its open from 4pm-11pm every night of the week.  You can access webchat here or phone  0808 808 4994

    I hope some of this helps a little and please do keep posting here for support.  There are also a few other places you can go to talk through things if you need.    

    • If you feel like you might be in crisis then you can text The Mix to 85258. This is a text message crisis service which runs 24/7
    • Samartians is great to chat to and you can call them on 116 123

    You have done a great thing reaching out @Lisamx


    Just a quick note that we moved your post to the health and wellbeing forum, because you might get more responses from our here.  Still feel free to introduce yourself in the introduce yourself section.  It really is good to have you here.  <3

    "Let everything happen to you. Beauty and Terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final"
    - Rainer Maria Rilke 
  • ShaunieShaunie ⛔️NOT USING BOARDS ATM ⛔️ Posts: 12,949 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix

    NHS website has a self assess thing - not to diagnose but you have a rough idea of your mood before making an appointment. Here the link if you havent Came across it before. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/clinical-depression/

    You sound really stressed:(  do you know what has helped before? 

    We all feel stressed and low a lot but if you feel is affecting you a lot and for awhile - maybe see your gp. The fact you have came here shows maybe you need more support - for yourself and they can sign post you even if you dont have a mental illness you still deserve support and will be here too. 

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