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Hi, my name is RMCKIE7!

RMCKIE7RMCKIE7 Posts: 1 Just got here
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What happens to let me have 12 days holiday in The U.K. while I am on J.S.A.? the holiday would not affect my sign on days but would affect any courses or meetings they may schedule for me for the time I want to be away. I would, of course, be continuing to search for work while on holiday but not available for interviews 'till after my return. I would be travelling around England with friends I worked with in the past who have hospitality connections so researching about future work with them also. I just don't want the time with them to be interrupted and for it to be official and not affect my benefits. I don't want to have to sign off and sign back on and possibly have to change to universal credit and don't want sanctioning or anything like that if unable to attend meetings or courses etc. over that time. It would be between sign on days and not affect my sign on days. A work advisor briefly mentioned that Job seekers are allowed holiday time. What do I have to do and is there any official information about this anywhere online or anywhere at all?
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    Hey and welcome to the site 😊

    i do not know much about this but google search it and comes up with this link. https://www.themix.org.uk/money/benefits/jsa-complications-9182.html
    And has a section on about going on hoilday. That looks like could be helpful to you. But sorry if not and hope someone replies to help you 

    (Am I missing something & the only one confused on why this post  is reported as ‘spam’ twice ?)

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    Hi @RMCKIE7
    Welcome to the community. :)   Just a note to let you know that we have moved this post to the home, law & money thread as we think it fits better there.  

    @Shaunie has given some great advice by suggesting the article above.   We are not experts here, but there are some great signposts at the bottom of the article Shaunie suggested. 

    We also had a look at the post, and don't think it fits as spam so cleared the flags. 


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