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Wanting to have more power to stand up for myself more better and effective

Sholay09Sholay09 Birmingham, EnglandPosts: 99 Miniposter
Hello my name is Shola and I am 20. I have talked to my mum and some others about wanting to stand up more for myself and others to the government and to other people too as I am sick and tired of the government and other people telling all of us what to do with our own lives and our own bodies too and this is not right and it is not fair either. We should all be allowed to do what we want with our own bodies and our own lives in this world without certain things being compulsory or being forced to do something we do not really want to do.


  • AidanAidan Clever idiot Posts: 1,173 Fanatical Poster
    Hey Sholay,

    Is there anything specifically you feel you should be allowed to do? Have you thought of the advantages of actually having limits and rules in place, as well as the negatives?

    Maybe you could start a petition, or write to an MP, about what matters to you.

    Take care,
  • Sholay09Sholay09 Birmingham, EnglandPosts: 99 Miniposter
    Well Aidan everyone regardless of age including myself should be allowed to make more of their own choices about what they want to do and be allowed also to have more freedom. 
  • LaineLaine Llama Mama Posts: 1,326 Fanatical Poster
    I feel we're at a place where we can have lots of freedom in the choices we make in our daily lives. 

    Of course there's laws for legal drinking age and legal sex age but I wouldn't wish for them to be lowered in fact I think reinforcing them would be good x

    We are also thankfully blessed to be allowed to choose what job we want regardless of sex. 

    And every gender and sexuality is starting to be treated better, granted it's not perfect and we have more we need to do but it's a good start. 

    Is there anything in particular you have in mind choice wise?  Like maybe voting age for example?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts x

    🌈Positive thoughts🌈 

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  • AidanAidan Clever idiot Posts: 1,173 Fanatical Poster
    edited November 2018
    Hey Sholay,

    I agree with most of what you're saying, however it's important to be mindful that freedom can by used to do bad things, to make bad choices- although good can still come of it also. I think we have made progress from the past and are closer to the knife-edge balance of freedom vs protection than we have ever been.

    As Laine said, it is not perfect, but it's people like yourself who stand up for your beliefs and push things into the future.

    I'm interested to hear your perspective and your thoughts on what freedoms we should have that we don't currently- and also whether you were thinking of choices with just social consequence, or legal consequence?

    Take care,
  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 5,298 The Mix Elder
    Hey. I think if we focus on the positives and good things we have control over than we realise maybe more than think and also maybe trying to understand the laws could maybe help as i also agree with Laine that i think some freedom - should be only for certain age for our own safety. 

    But definetly start a petition or soemthing as maybe will give you that sense of control and feeling like youre doing something about it. I think im gunna start a petition about something that annoys me. 
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  • AzzimanAzziman Posts: 472 Rampant Poster
    Hey Sholay,

    It's great to hear that you want to stand up for something - fighting for what you believe in is important! Is there something in particular you want to fight against? 'The government' is quite broad, but if there's something in particular they do that you want to protest against, then that might make taking action easier.

    Personally, I think that we have a lot of freedom in this country, especially compared to the country. Without state intervention, we wouldn't have systems like benefits or the NHS, which help people so much. I think we've got a good balance generally :)

    Much love <3
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