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What do you do if your partner doesn't get on with your friends?

AifeAife Community Manager Posts: 3,056 Boards Guru
Dan rarely got along with Serenas friends

Hey everyone,

Socialising with your friends with and without your partner makes your relationship stronger. But what do you do if your partner doesn't get on with your friends? 

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

- Aife
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    EyepatchEyepatch Posts: 666 Incredible Poster
    How about trying to find an activity that they both enjoy, something with team building like cooprative boardgames or climbing? Or even one of those new escape room games, they seem like fun :) 

    You could also sit down with your partner and ask if they could try and get along with your friends as you love them all and don't want to loose any of them. You could even do the same with your friends.

    What does everyone else think? I'm sure you can find better ideas than mine :) 
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    SienaSiena Posts: 15,557 Skive's The Limit
    edited July 2018

    think would be best to firgure out why and then to talk about it with them. And maybe to go out together to show that their friends are not that bad. But failing that; no idea. 

    But like if it was the other way round and the friends didnt get along with partner - maybe they have a good reason to hear it out. Unless its because its jelously than thats different issue
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    AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,914 Extreme Poster
    Hi Aife,

    If they don't like your friends, then the best one can do is ask them to be civil and respectful. You can't force them to like your friends, but good manners and respect are vital in keeping two parties linked, if not a happy relationship!x

    Much love <3
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    peachysoopeachysoo Posts: 151 Helping Hand
    Hey Aife,

    I completely agree with what everyone else here has said: I'd probably talk to them about it and be open and respectful of their reasons, just as I'd hope they would do the same for me. I'd also try finding something we could all like if it's possible, but at the same time I wouldn't try and force people to like each other, because some people just can't get on and that's absolutely fine. Like Azziman said, I'd ask if they could be polite and respectful of each other at the least. Things may naturally fall into place with time, as relationships either begin flourishing or break up; I'm not too sure, but I really believe things that are meant to be, will be, and as much as I may try and intervene to make things as optimal as I see fit in the short term, there's only so much you can control. (But maybe me taking things as they come isn't always the best option haha)

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