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  • Millie2787Millie2787 Posts: 1,624 Postholic
    Shaunie said:
    The Mix said:
    Shaunie said:
    also cant get youtube links to properly work
    In theory, just posting a YouTube link should get the video to display normally - is that what you're doing

    Hi.  Sorry hope not annoying. But The youtube links still dont work for a lot of people 

    I’m the same I post the link and It’s  just the link the video has never shown for me 
    You have a purpose.
  • The MixThe Mix Posts: 2,193 Community Managers

    It seems to work when you click share on the YouTube video and then copy the link that comes up there. Does that work for you both @Millie2787 & @Shaunie

    - Aife
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