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Share your body image story

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Hey guys,
I'm wanting to create a positive space online where so much self comparison happens constantly. Mental Health issues are on the rise and social media is the most likely culprit as we look to others for how to be and how we want to be which can have so many pressures.

I really would love stories from you all on something you didn't love about yourself, why this was, and how you've overcome this. By sharing these stories we can help others love themselves. We need more positivity on social media! If you could get involved and share without your name being used I want to create accompanying artworks/photographs that represent your story.

Thank you <3


  • Lucy307Lucy307 UKPosts: 1,009 Wise Owl
    Hey Luna

    Great idea! Mine's a bit of a funny one. I used to have a 'friend', growing up, that would always mention how massive my hips are (cheers, 'friend') - looking back this is pretty bad, but she used to play Shakiras song 'hips don't lie' to me all the time thinking it was funny :banghead: I was pretty self conscious about it while at school. When I went into 6th form and uni and didn't see her anymore... No one mentioned it anymore and actually I just completely forgot about it. I'm laughing looking back at it!

    I overcame that by just focusing on other things (life's too short!!!!) and I realised over time there was and is absolutely nothing wrong with my hips :yippe:

    - Lucy
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey, thanks for the response!

    Oh my god no way haha! When you look back at friendships as a kid you are baffled sometimes, and the whole point of the song was embracing the hips as well :O

    Glad you're embracing the hell out of them now b :)<3
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I dislike social media because all it takes is for someone to post something hurtful, and down plummets my self-esteem. Here at TheMix forums peeps are lovely and good natured, tolerant and patient. Never known such a super forum and chat where I've been made such welcome.

    Now, when I feel very down or unable to 'give' or be supportive to the ever-growing demands of family and Mum, I'll go and work out in our home gym, or run up and down stairs, pressups, weights and skipping. I'm not muscular or butch-looking, but very fit. When annoyed I'll don sparring gloves and take out my frustration on the home punchball, or have an hour's shredding on my guitar (providing Mum is out, lest my ears get a batting!) :eek2: Having home schooled I've not experienced any claptrap from my people at school and suchlike, and very little girl drama. But I know I look good in my long hair though ignore wolf whistles, these always coming from tourists, usually Brit blokes.

    Was in chat last night when I noticed my chosen avatar looked remarkably like me. Only without the scar on one side of my face as it's always carefully concealed before I step out the door. I had a cycling accident, swerving to avoid a nutter motorist, I piled into a hawthorn hedge. Though glad to have worn wrap-around protective sunglasses and a cycling helmet, it looked like I'd been attacked by a cat. I had many stitches. That was a year ago, but I got tremendous support from my partner and family. Okay, I've always been very sensitive to people staring as that's natural. Recently some bratty kid remarked on my facial scar which got him and his mum the death stare. Since then I've put a bit more on, and feel okay. And today is a new day. Smile at the sun! :yippe:
  • RachelRachel Fast Newbie Posts: 27 Boards Initiate
    This is an amazing idea you guys! Thank you to you all for sharing your stories too, it's inspiring to see people overcome things like negative body image and to embrace their individuality.

    I myself struggled with food from the age of thirteen having grown up in competitive sports, particularly track and field. By this age training was intense and I was competing almost every weekend, so was constantly pushing my body to the limit and comparing myself to other girls, who like myself, felt as though we were 'expected' to wear the tiny, tight nike pros worn and competition crop tops worn by professional athletes. This was the norm, and constantly hearing comments in training and on the start lines led me to believe that you had to be in perfect shape to fit in with these girls. And in my head I was definitely not the perfect shape.

    After years of problems with food regarding restriction and unhealthy weight loss, I have finally reached a point in my life where I am happy with my body. I still have days and periods of time where I wonder if I need to lose weight, but I know that I am proud of my body and what it has achieved because it is the machine that drives me through my amazingly crazy but beautiful life, and it is the machine that carries me round the track, propelling me over hurdles week in week out. It didn't happen over night, but I have slowly began to realise that I would rather radiate positivity than negativity, and I cannot do that with a negative attitude towards myself. Surrounding myself with positive people and those who make me feel good about myself has definitely helped me in this!

    I hope yous all had an amazing day and have a great holiday!

    Rachel x
    (P.S. sorry for the crazy long response :p )
  • MirabelleMirabelle Owl Whisperer Kensington.Posts: 1,020 The Mix Regular
    According to Jules I've got an "hour glass figure". Nice of her, but I'm quite fit though don't exercise much except taking the dog for walks and swimming. I eat well, but tend to eat a lot because I have a high metabolism. Thanks to an aunt who taught me self defence, I can look after myself and this ability came in handy against some bully boys.

    I like making breakfasts and nice cakes because not only is cooking a hobby, but I'm into good nutrition and that leads to a healthier life and lifstyle. Trouble is, I'm always hungry. :blush:
    'If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance'.

    - Howard Gardner
  • FranFran Posts: 118 Boards Initiate
    Hey everyone!!
    I love this idea!! I have always suffered from pimples and have never given so much attention to that. I have always used some concealer and well it was okay. The more I grew up, the worse it got for me, as I started noticing that it was really uncommon for people my age to have them. It got worse during the last few stressful months. I discovered it depends on a hormonal issue and I was reassured by a funny gynecologist who literally told me "acne can go f**k herself, life deserved to be lived and there are way more serious problem than this". She gave me a boost of strength and self confidence and even if I still use the concealer, I have become more confident about the fact that it's not acne who defines me and that it is going to go away sooner or later and even if it doesn't, nothing's going to change about me!

  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 14,279 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    this is a nice thread idea. when i was younger i used to be extremly self concious i was flat chested and can remmeber searching stuff on internet thinking - i cant wait all the way til in get pregnant to feel better and have chance of growing something ah. I got constantly called flat chested and was only like 14. Now 19 and havent grown at all and look as flat as can get but couldnt care less. and guinerly thought would get boob job when older cause felt like made me less female. Dunno how over came, i think i just thought like why does it matter, doesnt make me less. and now im older never get called flat chested, so guess just lack of maturity cause it really doesnt matter.
    “ i think that deep down you still think life is worth living. It’s no where near over for you. You’re in pain. The thing you lost, Is the same thing that can stop that pain”
  • MirabelleMirabelle Owl Whisperer Kensington.Posts: 1,020 The Mix Regular
    I weighed myself today, not something I do often and saw I'd put on some weight.

    Well, a couple of years ago, weight gain for me would have been a big, big issue and I'd have got very upset. But since then I've become more active as a musician performer, so I have had to work out to get fitter for the stage. In the past, performing for 2 hours or more really took a lot out of me. So after last Christmas, aunty and Jules took advice and invested in a comprehensive home gym.

    Working out means using more energy. Therefore I have had to eat more responsibly though the gain in weight hasn't meant me feeling any the worse for it. Instead, I've been feeling all the better. For example, Cardio: 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on our rowing machine and another 15 on the exercise bike means afterwards I've paid for it in pain because of the arthritis. Hence, I have massage afterwards and that really has helped, and especially for my troublesome right leg. Jules got us a part-time personal trainer. Qualified, very good and living locally, this 40-something trainer lady has made a big difference to both of us plus Mandy. We've been using kettlebells, too. Altogether, this increased exercise, eating and weight gain has made me feel more physically fitter, but crucially I feel more confident. I work out 3 times a week and feel all the better for it. :thumb:
    'If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance'.

    - Howard Gardner
  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 1,187 Wise Owl
    I love the idea for this thread!

    When I was younger, I was targeted by others for so many reasons, but my weight was definitely part of it. I was very unfit and unhealthy, and other kids would pick on me especially when it came to sports. I used that as motivation, as well as having a conversation with my GP and parents, to lose weight and become fitter, and quickly became one of the better athletes. This meant I broke into the sports teams, while those same people dropped down a team or were dropped altogether. That really drove at those same peoples' insecurities and made them more desperate to make me unhappier. But since I had the support of the school on my side, and knowing that my happiness was making them feel more insecure, this simply made me feel happier, which in turn made them feel even more insecure!

    There are those in our world who will see your success and act on their insecurity to bring you down, while there are others who will celebrate your successes with you and lift you up. When we are happy and successful, one group will feel worse, the other better. Spend your time with the latter, and watch the former wallow in their misery!x

    Much love <3
  • SevenSeven Posts: 58 Moderator
    Hey everyone!

    It's great to see this around and the encouragement you can bring one another!

    A lot of us can feel that way sometimes, but focusing on being healthy and loving who we are will make us feel a whole lot better :D
  • EyepatchEyepatch Smol Bean Posts: 666 Incredible Poster
    What a great thread :)

    I always felt uncomfortable in my clothes until I started buying everything from the men's section. The sizes are easy so I don't have to worry about measurements. Plus the jeans have real pockets. Now I enjoy my wardrobe a lot more, sometimes I get asked about it, but I just say I like the styles better. I never felt comfortable in women's clothes, heels, or skirts, they look great on other people, it's just not for me. I wish I'd switched over sooner. I feel a lot better with how I look now, switching styles made me feel so much more comfortable.

    My collection of cool t-shirts is starting to get out of hand though XD
    "Sometimes we find ourselves stuck between choosing what is right, and what is easy." 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Literally just got here
    edited May 2018
    I'm very physically fit but not muscular which on women would make them look butch. I'm comfortable with my figure and know I look and feel damn good, all the better since someone helped me past an eating disorder, but working out takes dedication.

    Thanks to having a personal trainer, I manage five days a week in gym and exercising breath control because being a saxophonist demands it.

    @Eyepatch look out for cargo pants. These can look much better than denim jeans and cost a lot less. Cargo pants have lots more pockets than jeans, and are especially handy when we're sat down and need access to lightweight stuff such as pens and little notebooks. If you can get round your mum, having your hair styled by a skilled hairstylist will make you feel a mile high. :d Also if you can afford the extra, buying a ranger hoodie from TAD (Triple Aught Design) will last a very long time and still look fantastic! I've had mine for three years now going four.

    @Fran try using an oatmeal scrub on your face. Oatmeal (like porridge oats, any make) gently exfoliates while removing any grease from our skin. In the morning after showering splash cold water on your face. Chilly water closes the pores in our skin and is so refreshing, too. When at work, carry a bottle of mineral water and some dry hankies so throughout the day you can refresh your face. It's such a nice feeling and mineral water is so good for our complexion, not just drinking the stuff.

    When we feel down, go for a walk. The exercise will always do us good, even walking in gentle rain can clear away lingering headaches. If we have a nagging problem, sit down and think it out. Better still, make a cuppa tea and think it out. + 2 sugars please :rainbow::rainbow2:

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  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 14,279 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    edited December 2018
    Hoping this is relavent to this thread) but anwyay. When i was like in year 9 - (dunno what that age is). I used to not be able to go close to a mirror without make up. So yeah as can imagine putting on make up was hard and i had to be so far away from the mirror to put it on esp my foundation as i just wasnt comfortable and i hated seeing myself so close up. Now i can put my make up on with fair distance from the mirror. Tho i do really hate myself without some make up still but obviously some sort of acceptance there
    “ i think that deep down you still think life is worth living. It’s no where near over for you. You’re in pain. The thing you lost, Is the same thing that can stop that pain”
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