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Charlie Hebdo

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What do you think about the killings at Charlie Hebdo last week?

A lot of people (Farage obvs) but also people on Twitter trending #killallmuslims are demanding that Muslims in general apologise for the actions of last week, but then there are also many (SJW's, tumblr queens, people looking for offense in any situation) are saying that CH was a xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic etc. magazine that essentially got what was coming to it.

I don't think the magazine's caricatures were racist, and that they showed a lot of courage (unlike Private Eye and South Park) in standing up to threats made against them. However, I think the anti-Muslim backlash that is happening right now is cruel and ill informed.


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    Whowhere wrote: »
    An extremely small minority of extremists are intent on causing harm to people who don't agree with their sick and twisted mis-intepretation of Islam. Because they are a bunch of fucking morons they don't see that their actions are leading to the increased victimisation of a whole section of society who worship the same God as the rest of us but in a different way (which is all the main religions are anyway, variations.).
    The same thing happened with the Jews before and during the holocaust, the same thing is now happening with Muslims. The backlash does not surprise me, neither does the fact that it is aimed at the wrong people. People who are frightened will do irrational things. They want to punish the terrorists. The terrorists say they are Muslim. Oh look, there are some Muslims, they must be guilty as well.

    I think it's disgusting, and I hope it doesn't start to happen here. But like I said, I'm not in the least bit surprised.

    This. When will people realise the difference between your peaceful, work-a-day Muslim and a jihadist?

    Sidenote: did not realise how old this thread was!
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