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okay, i have less than a month till exams now first one being on the 8th may! last one being 20th june..... im hating this all!!!!!!
so whats the point???? like seriously!
its pointless! it doesnt show anything, i could come out with A* but have no real life experience! so whats the point?

yes you may say im thinking irrationally i probably am, but im beyond stressed, the pressure to pass and get a good pass grade is so high, i have 20 exams for gcse and i've just started easter 'holidays' but it seems to be more of extra school than holiday. I'm hating it already :(

I have no motivation and have just given up with it. I know loads of people have been through exams before, so kind of need some help/motivation, how do i do it???? how do i try to concentrate, best motivation tips? any help guys? pleaseeee

rosebud x


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    Can do what my mam done for me during the first year of exams ... write notes/questions on paper and stick them EVERYWHERE ... or make posters to help you remember :)
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