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Film Reviews

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Film club is going to be on break during this busy festive season until January, when we'll start all over again.

I thought, to fill the time, especially as at this time of year when it's all grim outdoors, we could share our film choices with some reviews.

So here it is, a thread to post your favourite films, what they're about (no spoilers!), why you like it and why people should watch them.

To kick off, the last film I watched at home was...

Spaceballs (12a, 1987)

A Mel Brooks film in the same style as Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs mocks the sci-fi genre, primarily parodying the Star Trek series. It follows the development of the Spaceballs evil plan to steal all the fresh air from neighbouring planet Druidia, by blackmailing the king via kidnapping his daughter Princess Vespa. Captain Lone Starr and his companion Barf and contracted to rescue her, and save Druidia.

I first watched this film as a very small person, and get a lot more of the jokes these days. It's silly and crude and not very taxing, and would be good watching to nerds and fans of comedy and star-trek. Even a cursory understanding of the sci-fi genre is enough to get you by IMO, but the more you know the more fun you'll have.

4/5 Stars.


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    I've never seen Spaceballs, never heard of it before this actually.

    My favourite film is Chicago. It's a musical, I love most musicals but this is my favourite...

    With Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Queen Latifah, Richad Gere and John C.Reilly.

    'After their crimes of passion, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly (Catherine) and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart (Renee) both find themselves sharing Bill Flynn (Richard), the towns slickest lawyer, who turns defendants into legends. But in Chicago, there's only room for one legend!'

    5/5 stars IMO ;)

    I saw this live in London too, it was AMAZING.
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    Fiend_85 wrote: »
    [Spaceballs is] primarily parodying the Star Trek series.
    Star Wars, actually. ;)

    My favourite film ever is still this one:

    Bicentennial Man, 1999.
    Robin Williams, Sam Neil, Embeth Davidtz, Oliver Platt.

    Based on a story by Isaac Asimov: In the "near" future, a servant android later named Andrew is bought by a family to help around the house. He slowly realises that he's different than other robots, which don't have feelings or the capacity to learn new things and care for people. Over 200 years, he tries to get accepted as a member of society and mimic what humans do that he can't.

    I imagine that it's very few people for whom this film is a favourite. I think the main reason it's mine is because I used to (and somewhat still do) identify with the main character. As a story it doesn't sound so exciting, but if you look behind the wonder, comedy and romance I believe you'll find an extensive exploration in the philosophical question "What makes us human?".
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    Star Wars, actually. ;)

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