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Advance Agreement and Mental health act

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so I've been reading the NICE guidelines on schizophrenia, and it mentions advance agreement, basically, a written statement/document declaring what the patient wishes to have/not to have if they become unwell in the future and can no longer make their own decisions (mental capacity act).. just wondering, what do people know about this? Is something like this legally binding? even if the person is sectioned under the mental health act?

I am just thinking of my future. I have been sectioned a couple of times and voluntary on one occasion to begin clozapine. I think I would like to do something like this though, as I don't wish to be 'treated' by a certain psychiatrist (can this document fulfil such a wish?) if I ended up in the same ward as previously; can it prevent the use of depot injections, and also ECT?

If I made such a document, does it have to be done with the help of a lawyer?
Can it be over-ridden in the event that a second opinion is made by a consultant psychiatrist?

I would really like any information on this so I can protect my future self, but I don't know where to start.
Anyone help?


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