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Horror Film Club Chat (31st Oct 7-8pm)

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Following on from this month's discussion...see: http://vbulletin.thesite.org/showthread.php/153210-Film-Club-October-Halloween-Discussion

This is just a reminder that the very first ever film club chat is coming up.. and it's on Wednesday 31st October 7-8pm. Please come! This is mine and Fiend's creation. Some might even consider it our love child baby. If you don't come then really it's the equivalent to doing a big frosty poo on the face of our baby. And what kind of sick freak would do that?

The link for the aforementioned chat will be posted here on the day..

During the first half hour we will be chatting about this month's films; The Addams Family and Silence of the Lambs. If conversation dies a horrible death or doesn't get past 'Antony Hopkins is a LEGEND' then we have some questions to pester you guys with. Expect to be RIVETED.

The second half an hour will be dedicated to general film chat and may be a very good time to bombard Fiend and I with suggestions for film club as well as ideas for future themes of the month. Although- I think we have the theme for November sorted but beyond that- the world is your oyster.

At 8pm the lovely Jo will take over with Support Chat.

Be rather nice to see a lot of faces/emoticons there :wave:


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