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Police are now using anti-Terror powers in everyday Policing



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    I can imagine those who do sent down don't exactly relish the experience, there isn't any special prison for the police......

    The numbers are so few it'd be a waste to build one...
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    Kermit wrote: »
    Sadly, though, we all know that the copper in question will get away with it scot-free. He'll keep his job, he'll keep his pension, he'll just get a few hours' remedial training and be free to batter more young women.

    Just look at that copper in Newcastle getting 3 years in prison for mowing down a teenager at 94mph in a 30mph zone. A teenager a year before got 4 years for texting whilst driving at a sensible speed and killing someone. Coppers always get shorter sentences.

    I assume that the judge takes into account peelers would have a worse time in prison, usually having to be segregated. And also bear in mind the peeler also thought he was start a car chase of a stolen vehicle, there's no excuse for texting while driving.
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    I live a couple of miles from the road in question. It is fairly narrow, with parked cars on both sides, and it runs past a school, a nursery, several takeaways and a playpark. The police officer didn't have his siren or lights on. Three years was an insult to the memory of the dead girl.

    Just up the road a few years ago, someone got 6 years for doing 55mph and hitting a kid who'd not bothered to wait for the green man at a pelican crossing. But he was 'chavscum' rather than a copper who thought he was above the law, so he got the book thrown at him.

    The lass who was texting was driving at about 65mph on a dual carriageway with grade separated junctions, yet got a much longer sentence.

    The whole system stinks. But then it always was jobs for the boys: judges and magistrates are too used to being blown by coppers to ever stand up to them properly.
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