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do i have rights?

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My ex gf is pregnant with our first child. We broke up about 2 months ago due to me being a loser....... But now she wont give our baby my last name and wont let me see her, or go with her to doc appointments or anything like that even tho i want to go. She has already picked the full name of the child and its her last name. If anybody knows, do i have rights to have the last name as mine? and if she does put the last name as hers, am i still going to get parental rights?:confused:


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    Hey, I'm going to move this to the home, law & money forum as I reckon you'll get more detailed replies on the topic there.

    You may also find our article on birth father's rights useful.

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    you dont have the right to have its last name as yours. You dont have many rights there tbh. You will have the right to see the baby and access when its older and of course youll have financial obligations.
    When you say its due to you being a loser, what do you mean? Is there any way you can change your behaviour so she wants to co-parent more?
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    Is there anyway you can build up some kind of friendship with your ex-girlfriend? It would be easier to be thinking about cooperating with each other rather than who has more rights. Is she saying you can't see the baby or just that she'd rather not have you at the doctors appoinments?
    You'll probably have the right to see the child at weekends, but I'm not sure how much say you'll have over major decisions.I agree with Suzycreamcheese though, what can do you to make her want you involved?
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