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working with young kids

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I've always been good with kids (so I've been told many times) and I'd love to work with them. Maybe something like a primary school assistant or a nursery nurse. Does anyone do anything like that and what is it like?
I don't have any qualifications or experience with working with kids so would that go against me?
I'd be up for doing a college course to gain the revelent qualification but I'd love to do that alongside working in the job.


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    My sister does it. A work placement will generally be a pretty big part of any childcare, nursery nursing or teaching course you do. So try and get a place on a course. Also try and get some voluntary experience to show that you're keen. Just write to local primary schools about volunteering if you can spare the time during the week.
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    I did Diploma in Child Care and Eucation at college, its just like NVQ level 3. I really enjoyed it, went on placements in schools, nurserys and private day nurseries.

    I would look into doing a college course, and on all the jobs they want experience, so maybe volunteer at a local school? Maybe you could work in a nursery and gain NVQ while there? Alot of private day nurseries do them, but its not so good money.

    I really enjoyed it, some of its not so good money e.g. private day nursery.

    Good luck with it :)
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    Thanks everyone. I'll have a look on my local college's website.
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    I would agree with saz that volunteering would be a great way to gain some experience working with youngsters. This would really help you when applying for paid positions. I'm about to start work as primary school this September-I'll let you know how it goes. Most of my experience is with older children but I was able to show that I can adapt that to this age group too. :)
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    You may find this article really useful:

    Also, don't forget if you want to look for volunteering opportunities try here:

    Best wishes,

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    ;As a general rule - places which are practising good standards as a rule do not take on unqualified staff any more. This may not be the case in private day nurseries but is definatly the case in primary schools now. For a TA (teaching assistant) or EYP (early years practictitioner/nursery nurse) you would need to be at least level two qualified. A level two qualification allows you to work with children and be counted in the ratio's but you are not meant to be left alone or be solely responsible for children in your care. A level three lets you do this - although lots of nurseries do not really follow this, as pay is according to level. Lower levels = cheaper staff wages.

    I am BTEC (the new NNEB) level three qualified and the private nurseries can be fantastic places to be as they can be truely awful establishments and pretty grim. It's really about finding out about the place. At the end of the day the children are children and will be the same everywhere and if you love working with children they become the positive of any job where ever you are.

    I would say ring up your local primary school, or even better a nursery attached to a primary school and ask if you can do some voluntary hours there. They will not say no - guarenteed. You will probably get the shit jobs but specify you would like to get an insight into working with the children as you might like to pursue a career in it. If you do like the reception or infant or even juniour age you then need to get in touch with your local college. I know whilst I was at college they ran teaching assistant courses where you would work a minimum of so many hours then a full day or a few evenings a week working towards your qualification.
    Also by volunteering in the school you are getting your name and face known - and if you are good they do remember the good'uns and word soon gets around when you are looking for somewhere to do your college placemements of future employment.

    I would also say that any outside voluntary work involving kids also looks great on your CV. Girlguiding or Scouting is working directly with children and gives you a taste of them at their best - at their social peak and it is very rewarding. This may be an alternitive for evening voluntary work if you cannot make it into a school/nursery during the day due to other commitments. Both organisations run the groups known as Rainbows, Brownies and Guides and then Beavers, Cubs and Scouts (girls for R,B&G and boys are B,C&S). They are always deseperate for willing adult volunteers. If you want a contact number or more info on them just give me a pm.

    Phew, I don't half chat jack shit! :razz:
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    I have to work with kids, and if you've got bags of patience it can be very rewarding. They're always full of questions and the older ones, despite what you'd think are eager to learn about the stuff we need to talk to them about.
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    xsazx wrote: »
    :eek: cubs/scouts/beavers are mixed sex!!!

    Aye but the majority of a pack (well all pack's I've seen) are boys whilst Rainbows/Brownies/Guides are purely girls. Completly of the point of this topic BUT they are split between the sexes, as a rule girls attend brownies and boys attend cubs. OK, so scouting decides to let girls in too, how great of them. Girlguiding decides to keep their programme a girls only enviornment. I was just outlining both movements no :eek: about it! :razz: :razz:
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    You might be able to get an aprenticeship. This is where you go to college for a certain amount of days (usually one I think) and spend the rest of the week at a nursery.

    If you do end up volunteering/a work placement, you may end up doing some of the really dull jobs. I had to do a work placement as part of my NVQ last year. At the first nursery I was at, all I did (pretty much) was cleaning and preparing snack, whilst I was expected to do stuff like that, it wasn't what I was there for. At the second one I was at it was normal to do a it of cleaning and preparing snack.

    if you go into a nursery that is 0-5, then you may find that you're with all the groups at some point during one day. In one way, I quite enjoyed this and some of the groups were sometimes together for snack or lunch.
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