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    Originally posted by monocrat
    'Crappy' with better weather and food? Have you ever been there? What's your basis for stating that it's 'crappy'?

    As a Ghanaian then, you do KNOW why some Akan (if you know who the Akans are...:lol:) males are called Kwame?

    Please don't question who I am. Why would I lie about where my family originates from? There are plently of nicer countries in Africa I would rather be from. Either your grandparents were there " taming the savages" :rolleyes: , you have Ghanaian friends or you are Nigerian, or of Nigerian decent. I know about the Akan tribe, though I am a Fanti myself as my dad is from Odena ( bet you cant find that on an online map), went to school in Cape Coast, in the Central Region.I wish I had a digital camera so I could show you his Adisadel College mug. I have only been to Ghana once, and if I had a scanner which wasnt in a box, I would scan them in. I have a picture of myself by the "Akwaaba" ( meaning welcome) sign, was the first thing I saw when I went to Ghana. I have pictures of myself with the same relatives that are so low, that they would ask a 12 year old boy for money to support there alcoholism. The food is great if you like spicy food. Spinach stew, gari ( sp?) and fried plantain are a favourite of mine which I have regularly.I know a lot about my culture so there is no need to assume who I am.
    Wo o te sen?
    Im fine thank you, how are you? :p
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    Originally posted by monocrat
    No answer, huh?

    I take it he's ashamed of his culture then......... :)

    No answer, huh? I guess you just like making sweeping generalisations without anything to back them up............:)
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