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    Originally posted by Simply me
    Firstly I would like to say congrats to anyone who has even tried to give up as that is the most important step you can take - knowing that you want to give up on the addiction.:thumb:

    I do *or should I say did* smoke and have done for about 10 years now - quitting is bloody hard work. So far I have managed to give up this time round for nearly 2 weeks *big pat on back for me* and I have to say that this has been through pure willpower alone. :D

    The longest I have managed to quit so far is 2 months :mad: but I am hoping to fulfill my dream of not going back to cigarettes.

    My trick this time round is that I cut down a hell of a lot before even trying to stop. I used to smoke about 20 a day *or 20 in an evening if I was out on the piss :( *, thought about stopping so gradually cut down til it was 10 a day, then 5 a day then I stopped.

    Hear Hear !!!!

    I have to admit to finding myself sucking on a hell of a lot of lollipops!!!!! I think this helps cos you are still doing something with your hand and mouth that is similar to that of smoking a ciggie. :rolleyes: Well it works for me anyway.

    I have even been down the pub with my mates and not had any cigs. Although I must admit that it is easier if I am already out with friends that don't smoke.

    Hope you manage to quit, but if you don't then don't beat yourself up about it because it really is difficult, that's why it's an addiction! Just try again when you next feel ready for the challenge.

    Good luck to all thesiters who are trying to beat the demon! :D
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