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What I take to college

lunarcat522lunarcat522 Posts: 401 Listening Ear
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I thought I'd make this post as I'd been thinking about doing it for a while on what I take with me to college to support my mental health during my studies.

I take:
  • A pencil case filled with fidgets and aromatherapy oils etc for helping de-stress, and medications in the case of minor illness e.g. sore throat etc
    Contains fidgets including a fidget ring, a ruler with sensory strips (textured), smoother resin fidgets, a fidget necklace, and textured resin fidgets
  • Another kit for mental and physical health containing mostly rough fidgets including an acupressure ring, sweets for mild nausea, plasters, creams etc for any mild sores/itchy skin, and an awareness badge on dermatillomania
  • Card packs (communication cards, and cards for circumstances when I'm struggling with my mental health
  • Headphones to listen to music when stressed/overwhelmed
  • Generic painkillers for chronic pain/illness flare-ups
  • Portable fidget keyrings (on wallet)
  • Tissues



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    AnonymousToeAnonymousToe Posts: 976 Part of The Mix Family
    Wow, you are so organised! I just took my as-needed anxiety medication (literally in my pocket 🤣) and some glucose tablets because I couldn’t eat in public so I needed some energy (kept them in another pocket).
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    lunarcat522lunarcat522 Posts: 401 Listening Ear
    @AnonymousToe Thank you! I find it useful to have "at home" and "college" designated stuff so I often have multiple of each thing like fidgets/creams as I'm actually quite forgetful, especially in the mornings! I'm not a fan of eating in public to be honest so at college I'll often get a caffeine drink out of the vending machine to keep me going a bit as I can have days that finish at 5 😬
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    Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,958 Community Veteran
    Thats a super way of oragnising all the stuff that you need to bring with you to college @lunarcat522. also I really love your fidget bear toy. I got a fidget ring which spins but mine is too big to go on my ring finger so I put it on my large thumb or index finger instead. I am trying to find one with moons on it though becasue I do love my space and moons.
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