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Hi everyone!

Hey, this is very strange but I'm hoping that it might be good for me aha.

I'm Olivia, I'm 23, and I think I suffer with some anxiety but I also think I've sort of ignored it and compartmentalised it for the last few years??

What I mean by this is that when I was 18 I used to have panic attacks pretty often, and that carried on into uni a bit, but I think I've sort of ignored it and pushed it to the side? I've now finished uni (an undergrad degree and a masters), and I did a year abroad in the US so I've become more confident in my everyday life.

But I've been having real issues with sleeping, badly for the last 2 or 3 years, but if i'm being totally honest as long I can remember.

It's not insomnia, its like extreme anxiety and fear as soon as I try to get to sleep. I'm super afraid of the dark and I cannot sleep without a light on or I basically will start having an anxiety attack - for ages I didn't put the pieces together and think about how maybe untreated anxiety could be manifesting into my sleeping patterns? I didn't want to list everything in this post but I was wondering if that even sounds possible? I guess I always think that anxiety doesn't affect my life like some people, but If I actually think about it maybe it does and I just ignore it??

Enough about that though - I also really love cats, am super into sustainability and am currently trying to teach myself how to sew! 

I have no idea if i'm supposed to post things like this but tbh it feels good to even write it all out...

Thanks for listening/reading this (if anyone does ahah!)



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