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    Abigail said:
    So my question is for Holly-Rae. 

    Here at the mix we have a lot of students looking to apply to university. When looking at universities you often look at the course, halls, and finance at a minimum. I have been through this myself looked at 6 local universities in my area and when going to finances section I spoke with them about the csrers bursary, I was disappointed to see that 2 out of 6 offered this bursary to students. Looking more independent about this st the ucas site an link appeared about what carers are intitled to going to university. So what I would like to know is this carers bursary is it offered to all carers looking to go into university or is it specifically them universities? And if its specific university could why is this and could this be changed in anyway to open it up to so many more carers wanting to go to university but just scared due to the financial cost that comes with this?
    Hi @Abigail, thank you for your questions!

    First of all, it was great that you looked into what the universities were offering carers before you went. We encourage all young adult carers to do this, as there could be hidden bursaries or support that would make studying much more achievable. 

    There isn't currently a universally offered bursary for carers in England, it's entirely down to the individual college or university. However, there may be other grants that you qualify for, so it's always worth calling the university Widening Participation teams to find out what's available. The more people who enquire about it, the more they know that there's a demand for a specific bursary.

    We know that cost is just one of the many factors that stops young adult carers achieving their full ambitions and we want to work with education providers to make getting a degree more accessible. Carers Trust are currently piloting a student Ambassador programme in colleges and universities across England. We hope to share that learning with universities across the country so they are more aware of the challenges that young adult carers face and start providing more targeted support. We are also working with UCAS on their new application platform, so young carers are made aware of the kinds of support they should be looking for when applying to uni.

    I hope this answers your questions!
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