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Everyone you know doing coke? Not sure what it's all about? The Mix answers all your questions about cocaine.

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  • jamcam0411jamcam0411 Posts: 2 Literally just got here
    Hey all
    I been using cocaine on a daily basis for 3 years,never touched the stuff and always refused when asked to try,Life problems with one after the other,family problems with health,work issues,wife issues if you no what i mean,well i work away and one night out with a friend he got a half an eight ball,and everytime i would say no and watch him dance the night away and he would look happy all night,working away and arguments with wife and parents ill and other things on my mind ,i buckled and said go on then i will try it,that first time i felt on top of the world,i danced the night away and my mind telling me wow this is great,i met a girl and took her back to my digs and had best sex in a long time,well that was me the next day thinking this is great,i love it,worst thing I ever did,3 years later im bang on it,i go to work eat as normal but skip my lunch as I rack a line up,party and have fun,go to bed,up for work like ground hog day,it has got to the point now tho where really it does nothing for me like at the beginning but my mind and body says its part of life now,I take it and feel ok for about 10min then think well i need another and before you no it,really i been greedy to try get that high and its just making me ill,sore throat,sneezing,blocked nose,sore teeth and gums etc and then i think this is no good and affecting my family,so I take few days off,Nose clears,Plenty food in me ,I'm in love with my wife again instead of partying,inside felling great and focusing but soon as i feel like that I say ok another 8 ball,and this has gone on for 3 years and needs to stop,i have a lovely house,3 beautifull kids and a wife ive had from school who adores me and i adore her,i have a good paid job which my mortgage should be paid of now and i should be driving round in a Merc and same as my wife but I still owe about 50k on mortgage and we have an audi each with about 120k on the clock both 56 reg,I'm just telling my story as I hope it helps those in my situation think and dont fall into the deep hole i fell into once in that hole its hard to climb out off,getting high is good fun but bad for health and life,we only live once and i wish i had a close friend to drag me to one side and slap me about,but I did it all secretly and kept myself to myself so my mates had no clue,many a time i would have a word with myself but in the end after many arguments with my wife about money,i realised my best option,i always had my wages and she had hers and she was good with money,i realised I needed help and needed to stop for my family's sake so I went and got a joint account and asked her to take care of all the bills and debt and please don't question my debt just trust me and you pay it off and give me so much each week for fuel and food for work,Best thing I ever did because with a good job with good money i lived the high life,and to be honest after starting cocaine its like a hypnotist,takes over your life,I'm now clean and own our house and 2 Mercedes on the drive and 2 holidays a year,I cold turkey the cocaine away all on my own,it was hard but family come first and always should,that moment of madness and depression got hold of me and i will not get those 3 yeats back that I lost but I hooe this story helps many others,don't do drugs,work for a living,save up for that nice car or house and most of all if you have kids,take them where ever they want to go,park,bowling or just clothes shopping it feels much better than felling shit on drugs,i learnt the hard way
    Thanks and hope this experience helps
  • MaisyMaisy The Mix convert CymruPosts: 344 Moderator
    Hi @jamcam0411

    Thank you for being open and sharing your story with us! 

    I'm sorry to hear your struggles with substance use. It can be very easy to get addicted and very difficult to overcome the addiction. But I'm really glad to hear that you managed to beat yours and are living life fully once again!

    If you ever need any help and advice regarding drugs, you can always talk to FRANK https://www.talktofrank.com/ 

    Take care,

    [email protected]
  • AlbertoRaduAlbertoRadu Posts: 1 Literally just got here
    Hello guys , i'm 19 i ve been taking cocaine for like 5 months but not everyday , maybe 6-7 line a month , but this month 10 days ago i took a bit too much and since then i feel aches everywhere , some pain in my chest and its really uncomfortable , i was really scared so i went to a&e department 3 times last week , they told me im fine but im not , i feel those aches everywhere, in my neck , hands , legs ,torso sometimes, but the chest pain its always there , not that much, but it is , i quit smokin ciggs that day , using cocaine and now im sober but that pain is still there , can someone help me please i would be grateful.
  • MaisyMaisy The Mix convert CymruPosts: 344 Moderator
    Hi @AlbertoRadu

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing aches everywhere after taking cocaine. It's good that you went to A&E and I'm sorry that they weren't more helpful.

    As the article states, the comedown can feel really bad and you can feel unwell. However, unfortunately, we aren't medical/health professionals so we can't say for sure what's going on. Your best bet is to go to your GP for advice. You can also call contact out of hours https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/urgent-and-emergency-care/nhs-out-of-hours-services/

    Since you have been doing cocaine for a while, you might also want to check out FRANK https://www.talktofrank.com/ for support too. And don't forget you can always post in our forums as well!

    Take care,

    [email protected]
  • ausmar34ausmar34 Posts: 1 Literally just got here
    Recently quit. 2 months clean but I have an ear nose and throat specialist appointment in 2 weeks. I did cocaine for about 8 months almost daily. What we he/she be able to tell? Will my sinus and nose be clear of any leftover cocaine? How long does it usually take for your sinuses and nose says to be cleared of any cocaine residue ?
  • MaisyMaisy The Mix convert CymruPosts: 344 Moderator

    Hey @ausmar34


    Firstly, well done on being 2 months clean! That’s a big achievement and I hope you keep it up!


    Since cocaine is absorbed into your bloodstream there may not be much in the way of residue left over. That said, since you were doing cocaine almost daily for 8 months, there may be a chance that it has caused some irritation or damage to your nose. You can check out our article on cocaine and your nose here.


    Now that you’re a member of The Mix, you might want to introduce yourself over here. You can also create a new discussion in our drink and drugs forum if you’d like to get some more support. Alternatively, there’s always FRANK.


    See you around :)

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