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How to support my friend who is self harming

HazzyAHazzyA Posts: 3 Newbie
So I have a friend who's self harming, the teachers know, her parents know and she is going to counselling and stuff. Has anyone got any ideas om how I can support her as her friend. I'm one of her only friends anx I feel like it's important for me to be there for her . 


  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,936 Postholic

    I think it's so nice that you want to be there for her :) And it's positive that she's going to counselling - really hope she finds that helpful.

    I think one of the best things you can do for someone when they're struggling, is to well, be there for them:
    • Tell them that they can always talk to you when they're struggling or need to vent.
    • Be sympathetic and non-judgmental about the subject.
    • Constantly bringing up the subject or doing so in inappropriate places (such as in front of a group) can be overwhelming, but ignoring it can make people feel you don't care - so I think being somewhere in between by checking in and asking how they are, calmly and without pressure, is a great way to show support. And of course, if they start talking about it, listen and talk willingly.
    • Sometimes, they may want to just loosen up and have some fun for a little while. You could offer to just hang out and do some fun things (such as going to a park). But of course, you don't want to pressure them, so just casually suggest it and don't ask repeatedly, and don't do it when it feels like a bad time (like when they're upset).

    Those are just some rough tips. Tbh, you sound like a good friend, and you're probably already doing all the right things.

    How are you feeling about all this? <3
  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 7,672 Boards Champion
    HazzyA said:
     I feel like it's important for me to be there for her . 
    Just do this. 
    Sounds like youre a great friend
    Stop imagining fake scenarios and hurting your own feelings 
  • StephanieStephanie Posts: 588 Super Moderator
    edited April 2019
    Hey Hazzy, 

    Welcome to The Mix, 

    Just echo'ing what has already been said, it's also important to take care of yourself while supporting somebody who is self-harming, how are you doing? :heart:
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