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Ipad or notebook? What to buy?

freelance2018freelance2018 Posts: 1 Literally just got here

I’m torn between getting the latest Ipad or buying a notebook for myself. I’m a freelance web content writer and most of the time I’m always travelling. I guess you could consider me as a digital nomad. I already have a Macbook but sometimes it feels so inconvenient to bring it around. I always have to use bigger backpack so I could carry it with me when travelling.  I’m going away to a Ukraine ski trip this coming winter. I wanted to bring something smaller where I could write whenever. Any suggestions or comments from the people on the internet?


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Literally just got here
    Good morning @freelance2018

    Hope you don't mind, but I googled you up to see just what type of work you actually do. From there I recommend you buy a Macbook Pro which not only is powerful and light in weight, but you have the option of high quality software that would enhance your work, for example, Final Cut Pro X for filming and stills which I use for my music productions and band work, whereas you still have that option if having a You Tube channel to display your work online like I do. I use Apple's excellent Promise VTRak external drive module so everything gets saved. I compose my music and write lyrics so my Macbook Pro is just a wonderful extension that is very easy to use, extremely fast and with dependable efficiency. Be aware, it will cost you, though.

    Alternatively you could choose a Windows machine for your journalism  and for that I recommend a Dell XPS 13 notebook which I use and have become very fond of these last few years. It's in the Top 10 of notebook computers and the XPS delivers. I'm on my 2nd and can't fault it though its screen could be better, mine is a fast little piggy.

    If you travel then I recommend you a Peli 1510.  https://www.waterproof-cases.co.uk/product/peli-1510-case-with-foam/   It has pluckable foam cubes to protect your precious equipment, it's a roller case with a hidden handle. It's virtually bomb-proof, waterproof and dusproof. Mine accidentally dropped in the sea and was still good. Inside the lid of mine is an attachable lid organiser of useful netted pockets to put your cables etc in. The case I bought was second-hand, hardly used and is about 20 years old. I got mine off Gumtree though buying it from the supplier's link and getting the VAT off it could be useful.

    I hope you stay on the forum. At some time you might need support, and for this, The Mix with its first class chat and support chats doesn't get much better. =)

    Best wishes,

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