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Being forced to pay a loan in someone elses name

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My ex boyfriends took out a loan in his name to pay for our kitchen. We split. I am paying him monthly but he is demanding the whole amount in full within a week. I am making a monthly payment to him of what I can afford even though I am not legally obliged to pay his loan. Says he is going to take me to court. Where do I stand?


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    Who's got the kitchen?

    And I think you'd be a decent person if you paid half, but I dont think legally you have to pay anything. Spiteful ex's will take you to court for anything haha :)
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    Although court is a kerfuffle you certainly won't be in the wrong or any danger. he took out the loan in his name and you were not married therefore it is his responsibility, all the court will do is help work out an amount for you to pay him monthly (if any seeing as you don't owe nothing) x

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    The loans. In he's name so he will have to. Pay it off 
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    I've closed this thread as it's over a year old now, and probably no longer relevant to the OP. We tend not to post on threads that have been inactive for more than a couple of months. :+1:
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