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DistractionDistraction NoobScotlandPosts: 346 The Mix Regular
Just a small one,
On my thumb,
No one would notice,
Cos there quite dumb

Just a medium one,
On my palm,
No one would notice,
They don’t look that hard,

Just finished it off,
Make it a large,
As it creeps up my arm,
and goes right through my heart.

(self harming in stages of getting worse, needed to type something fast, it's getting really hard again today, I wonder if it ever ends)


  • DistractionDistraction Noob ScotlandPosts: 346 The Mix Regular
    That's just amazing, I love it, it's really what it's like, u say am a good writer but ur fantastic, really would love to see more of ur stuff if u fancy putting any more up :yuck: :d need to see it!!!

    I decided to go back to judo tonight, I've already tried to go back twice and each time I got closer to going into the class so hopefully third times a charm and it helps with the urges, have u got any plans tonight? (maybe writing more poetry ;) )
  • DistractionDistraction Noob ScotlandPosts: 346 The Mix Regular
    Well you certainly have a talent for it,

    I would so love to do Krav Maga, never seen it before but just looked it up there and it seems amazing, might have a look for some classes, I finally got back to judo third time lucky and I actually went through the doors (still feeling like I was having a heart attack tho). I know it is terrifying to do new things and people are just ewww to be around but you should try a class once or twice, it might not be as bad as you think.
  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,331 Wise Owl
    Love both of these!
  • DistractionDistraction Noob ScotlandPosts: 346 The Mix Regular
    lol, laughed so much at this, it's perfect
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