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Can't cope

LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,331 Wise Owl
I can't breath. I've just shooted back up the stairs. I live in the atic room so right at the top and theres 3 sets off stairs. I saw a girl on the 1st set off stairs, I was at the bottom of the stairs, firstly I shook my head and thought I was seeing things but when I was on the 2nd set she was on the 3rd, when I was on the 3rd set I saw her down the corridor turning left so I followed her and she jumped out of a glass window. I'm in tears. It is the way a hostel I lived out was set out and there isn't a window here so that girl is trapped in the house that's why I keep seeing her.


  • StephSteph Moderator Posts: 448 Boards Initiate
    Hi Steph,

    I'm just checking in with how you're doing today? Sounds like a scary experience for you the other day *hug* How are you feeling at the moment? Have you seen the girl since the other night?

  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,331 Wise Owl
    No I haven't seen the girl since the other night. I'm worried
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi Steph

    big hugs to you. That sounds quite frightening to experience, I think i'd be scared too

    How are you feeling now? I really hope things have settled a bit for you. Do you have other supports when this happens? it's good you feel comfortable to talk to everyone here :) I've not been here long but this is definitely a supportive safe place *hug*

    You're not alone in this

    Always listening

  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,331 Wise Owl
    Hi Sam,

    Thank you for the hugs. Hugs back to you *hug*

    Are you a member or a moderator? :chin:

    It was frightening, I was in tears after.

    I'm feeling OK at the moment, Thank you for asking.

    I had a meeting with the Dr and my old shit care co-coordinator on Wednesday (shit because I only saw my old care co once) and it was a male and I prefer female so they've said I can have a female care co (I've met her before too but now she is officially my care co) Im seeing her tomorrow and in the meeting it was said I need more help than what I am getting now which is hardly nothing but hopefully I will be seeing my new care co once a fortnight after tomorrow so there will be someone who can support me when these kind of things happen.

    I was going to say I haven't seen you around that's why I ask you weather you are a member or a new dispatched moderator but I haven't been on since yesterday afternoon so I haven't seen "whats new" yet. I can see you've made a few posts though and getting stuck in which is great!

    Speak soon:heart:
  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,331 Wise Owl
    who else dyes there hair at this time ha
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi Steph :)

    No i'm not a moderator but i'm hoping to be in a few months. I'm just in the middle of sorting things with admin (there's training involved and such) so yeah for now i'm a member and getting to know everyone and getting used to the forum and chat. So far so good!

    I have dyed my hair at 2am before! 10:52 isn't too bad in comparison :) lol. Right now, i'm trying to get my natural colour back because I dyed it too much growing up and damaged it a bit.

    Anyway, bless you. Does that happen often?

    I've had similar things happen in the past, I used to see things that weren't there when I was tired and stressed out, but to see what you did I have to say I felt for you because the bravest person imaginable would be afraid I think.

    Brilliant news RE your care coordinator! i'm so glad you have a female now. I understand that, (I think men are equally great!) but for various reasons you might feel comfortable with a female :) I understand. It's important the two of you are able to bond and that you can relax and trust her. It's great you should be seeing her once a fortnight, it sounds like your MH team are listening and planning to give more support. Fab

    Yeah, I'm totally new :) I just was browsing posts and your one stood out and I had to reply

    If you see this before your appointment ~~~Good Luck!~~~~ I'm sure it will go great, and you have this place :)
    I love seeing people able to open up about mental health. Breaking the stigma is always awesome.

    Talk really soon and see you around

    hugs :)

  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,331 Wise Owl
    Hey Sam

    Ah that's nice that you are training to be a mod for the boards.

    You are right 10:52pm isn't too bad in comparison to 2am.

    Yeah I often see things and hear thing and have unusual thoughts and ideas. I'm on 400mg of queitapine a day for that apparently.

    I did see your post before my appointment this morning but I fell asleep when I come back so that's why I'm only just replying. The appointment went OK I'm seeing her again in 3 weeks.

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