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ShaunieShaunie Posts: 13,363 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
Hi. I realise i have posted alot considering ive onlt been joined for about three days. But i keep things to my self even in therpay


  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 13,363 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    (Accidentally posted) but i have a lot on my mind that i need to say. I am on a two year corse on ny second year and hoping to use it to go to university. But i havent done basically anything the first year. The college dont help and dont care about it being late because of me being ill with mental health.
    But its nearly the end of the year and i have this years and last years work to do as well as work experience. Its all so overwhelming. Iam still so very ill. I cant motivate myself and i can only think about food.
    I did well in school and feel like my family are also putting this pressure on me to do well and go uni. As well to be happy but i cant get anywhere
    But if i cant cope with college how would i cope with uni? I dont even know what work i have to do from last year cause the teachers dont help
    I dont know what to do, it all a mess. I cant see myself getting anywhere until in better
  • DistractionDistraction Noob ScotlandPosts: 309 The Mix Regular

    How about u take things in steps, get the main things you need done first regards to college, whatever needs to be handed in first, take your time and do that. You could set them as goals.

    try not to think about the future or your family pressurising you at the moment. Theres nothing you can do about that. Get your self organised is the best advice I could give you, is there anyone at college you could go to, to find out what u need to do for last year? Just take it in steps
  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 13,363 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Hi. Thank you for such good advice.😊 I have tried to get my self orgainised though and tried to ask teachers/tutors if they can help me or atleats tell me what needs to be done. They said they would do it but haven't. They said i could cath up in summer, then tbey said ok try and i do it before christmas and now aaid to do it now but no matter how many times i ask they dont do it.
    I think tbey think i get enough support for services that i dont need theres. But their just as useless and there focus isnt on ny work.
    Its a full time corse and with a part time job, is hard for any one.
    Thank you
  • DistractionDistraction Noob ScotlandPosts: 309 The Mix Regular
    Ah, I see, that is hard, what about friends at your college, do u have some that would help? or a place where all the briefs are, like online, am at college to and I know how work can just pile up, I don't have a part time job (although looking for one) and I still find it hard to keep on top of things, so I get where ur coming from, I really do.

    It sucks that the tutors aren't helping you, considering that's what there paid to do, we had a really shit tutor for computer aided design, she was terrible and no one knew what they were doing, I just really wanted to quite at the time and give up. But I got through it and you can to, it's great that you've tried to get yourself organised but with no help it is bloody hard, what are thinking of doing, do u have any plans you could try, I know you have probably tried everything, but is there anything else?
  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 13,363 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    I dont really have friends in the college now. They dropped out going on the second year because it was hard. And thr rest just constantly say to me every day "how are you still here" and the teachers are just as rude and get kicked out of lesson for being quiet and not concentrating and to tell me "people are laughint at yoy when you say you 'dont know' to a question" when their clearly not. All the other people get endless of help though which confuses me.
    Like to hear that someone understands me but also ashame. I hope that youre on tract but It is so hard. Must not be getting paid enough to bother
  • DistractionDistraction Noob ScotlandPosts: 309 The Mix Regular
    Sorry for the language but what arse holes bastards they are, the lot of em, you should complain but that probably won't go anywhere, as it never did with the lecturer we had, that's really good on u for staying in, if my mates dropped out I'ed don't know where I'ed be. There's just no need for bad manners and being down right rude, whats the course ur on, if u don't mind me asking? Do u like learning about it or do u need it for uni? cos I was just thinking ur going through an awful lot. That's so true there always so miserable aren't they, why become a lecturer if you'r not happy about it

  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 13,363 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Ive complained in a letter but didnt get very far. They are so very rude and just talk about there life instead of teaching. And she knew how ill ive been and so unbelievably rude. I do health and social care level three, and need it to go uni for mental health nursing. I dont enjoy it but would if i got taught what about you?
    Its temptinto give up my job even though its fine just dont have time for it. Hoe you find a job soon! And happy birthday for a few days!
  • DistractionDistraction Noob ScotlandPosts: 309 The Mix Regular
    It's like they all stick together when it come to complaints, that is a difficult course, some of the people i knew from school couldn't take it and dropped out before the first year was even over. You should hold onto going to uni if it's something u really want to do, has the mix chat gave u any advice or websites that u could use, that support people through college, am not sure of any my self.

    I do jewellery design, it can be fun but I get way to nerves getting up out of my seat to use the machines and torches, I just start panicking and that's how I start falling behind, because am to scared to get off my arse and walk across the class room in front of everyone.

    If it reduces your stress and gives u more time to concentrate it might not be a bad idea, is there a way u could take a brake from work, I don't know if they do that sort of thing, like if they hold ur job for you for a certain amount of time.

    Thank you, I had an interview the other day for a call center but of course I found an excuse not to go (was to afraid of the typing and role play)

    Thank you :d it's on the 15th, getting older lol
  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 13,363 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    I think i want to go to uni but its such an expection from my family and not sure thats why i want to. I haven't tried their chat yet, its always busy when i can. Didnt know what could speak about. But will so thank you.
    Does sound fun and practical. You should get help if you get to nervous?
    I think work places can hold your position but im not exactly on the best side with my manger by not turning up a lot 😂

    I was afaid of the thought of goint work cause im really a shy and nervous person domt have anxiety but now iam working in such a busy placr and gets your confident up. So you would do better in your corse. Even if the first few weeks of work are dreadful but work helps
  • DistractionDistraction Noob ScotlandPosts: 309 The Mix Regular
    Just chat to them about what ever your feeling or what ever is troubling you , it might or might not help, but worth to give it a go, if u feel comfortable talking to them,
    am worried that if I go get help about the nerves that they would just put me on pills, I don't trust my self being around to many to be honest,

    hahaha, that would be me to lol, best work day is no work day (apart from pay day)

    aye, I think your right there, that work helps confidents up, I bet that the first few weeks are dreadful, thats the most scary part, not knowing what your doing and having the fear of messing everything up but it would also be nice to earn money to.
  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 13,363 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Will give it ago! But they might just tell me to speak to my tutors which ive done.
    They could put you on pills, but theres therapy aswell! But they dont tend to just trow pills at people.
    Definietly there were many days that i was panicing and just didn't want to go but now it doesnt bother me, even rude customers! And earning money and pay day is my faviourate part
  • DistractionDistraction Noob ScotlandPosts: 309 The Mix Regular
    They could well do, which wouldn't be very helpful :no:, but hopefully they give you some advice or help,
    aye, sorry about that, watching to many old films where u say one thing that society doesn't agree with and you get thrown away with pills,
    That's great that you've got that confident, sounds like a job is the answer to all my problems :chin:,
    yep, got to love pay day!
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