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Is there any research chemical chat or benzo chat on here????


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    Hey plantem,

    Welcome to the boards :)
    I've moved this thread to the Drink & Drugs section as it fits here a little better so you're more likely to get some replies.

    Can you say a bit more about this? What kind of chat are you looking for?

    James (moderator)
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    Hi I've been addicted to benzodiazepines for 16 years and research chemicals allowed me to get em double cheap and easy but the ban came in and Liston became impossible so I used phenibut large amounts 10g plus daily n they just as hard to cut down there a nootropic drug easy to get and cheap but I recommend to never try it does anyone have any advice how to detox off it I need benzos for my anxiety big time better to be on than phenibut but am I alone on this ????????????????ps thanks James for replying top man!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi @plantem76, :wave:

    thanks for your reply, thanks for explaining a bit more about what's going on for you and your situation, sounds like a difficult situation for you to be in, you've done a really positive thing by looking for some help and support for yourself. I just wanted to let you know that The Mix is an organisation that is for anyone 25 and under to get support so this might not be the best place to get the support that you're looking for but we can try and support you as best we can. Not sure if you've heard of these organisation which might be able to help with what you're talking about with your addiction to these drugs. There's an organisation called Frank which has information, a webchat service, text service, helpline and email, you can find them here - http://www.talktofrank.com/

    There's also an organisation called addaction which you can find here and they have a service where you can look for local support with addiction on their website here http://www.addaction.org.uk/services

    Hope this helps :)
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